Bipolar Disorder and the South African Public Health Sector

Our Lived Experience

I’ve been journalling my experiences with bipolar and the South African public health sector here, with a hiatus recently, thanks to bipolar depression. I’ve now finished my six months free CBT as a case study, but I’ll still be seeing the trainee psychiatrist I refer to as shrink two for treatment. As things stand now, I’ve just had my fluoxetine increased to 60mg and olanzapine is at 15mg. I’m waiting for shrink two to discuss with her department head, whether or not I’m going to have ECT. Shrink one, back in the private health sector, reckons it’s the best option.

So I’m just waiting and it strikes me that waiting is exactly what the government health system is all about. It’s the same almost everywhere, I believe, the waiting lines are long. You arrive as early as you can and you queue. I’ve become accustomed to it to a…

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6 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder and the South African Public Health Sector”

  1. Thinking of you….it always lifts my spirits to see you posted, especially after a hiatus. You know I’m rooting for you so that this fucking nightmare of suffering you’ve been though disappears. I just wish the g-damn SA system didn’t make you wait – that’s enough to make anyone batshit or join Tom Cruise’s Scientology support group. This waiting and red tape….so wrong on every level. Sorry to end on *that* awful note, but there’s no way to put a sugary spin on it.

    Sending you & S. my love,

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  2. I am going to give you an extra spork for the day and not even make you wait in line among the snifflers! <3

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