I’m going to have electroconvulsive therapy

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The first wait was to see shrink two, who gave me the paperwork to go and wait at three more departments, x-ray, ecg and pharmacy. I have a date for ect now, the 27th. I’ll be an inpatient and that’s what was on my mind while she told me she’d got “klapped” by one patient trying to hit another during ward rounds. Scared? Terrified. I’m not scared of the ect itself though.

She went through the possible negative effects – headaches, memory loss, muscle spasm and the usual caveat for a general anaesthetic too. I said hey I don’t care, I don’t even wanna be alive. The x-ray and ecg were part of the pre-anaesthetic checks, I had plenty of blood tests in the preceeding weeks too. I’m healthy, I’m the most depressed person I know, but physically I’m really healthy. My lungs are even “really good for…

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16 thoughts on “I’m going to have electroconvulsive therapy”

  1. Wish you the best, blah. Do not fear the hospital. The nurse shouldn’t have told you that story. Last thing you need now. Hope that ECT helps you as it has helped others by flooding your brain with neurotransmitters and stopping that bipolar depression in its tracks.

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