well it’s a bipolar linkdump

Thanks to socialworkerangela for the reminder of this shot straight to the heart mhm… “I think there’s a flaw in my code”. Halsey is bipolar and also genius. Volume UP.

Now go listen to more y’all. Girl got game.


The them section coming up is dominated by Patty Duke, which I think is more than fair considering the sheer length of time she was vocal about her stuff. Aw and then she went and gave us lovely Sam Gamgee Sean Astin too. Rest in Peace, warrior woman.



Sean Astin on Mom Patty Duke’s Bipolar Disorder: ‘We Were All in the Storm Together’
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Patty Duke Seeks to Promote Understanding of Manic Depression in 1989
From the PEOPLE Archive: Patty Duke Opens Up About Her Battle with Bipolar Disorder

10 Celebrities With Depression, Bipolar Disorder, or Both

Don Cheadle: ‘Miles Davis was probably bipolar

Blah F. Polar: yo mama was probably bipolar.


Some of the us section really are us – you know, our little blogosphere tribe. I know that many of you have blogging gigs in other places and I read a lot of them and then forget to stick them in my own Linkdumps. Bad, bad blahpolar. Please feel free to use my contact form to give me a heads up.


Two from Fryane:
How Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Helped Me Survive to Battle Bipolar Depression
My Bipolar Mindset: Always Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

“I peered into the center of the universe.” Was I sick, or in search of myself?

Why I Hid The Fact I’m Bipolar For Over A Year After My Diagnosis

MY STORY: What It’s Like to Live with Bipolar Disorder and Why It’s Important to Talk About It

From The Good Men Project:
I’m a Great Dad and I Have Bipolar Disorder
My Teenage Son (Who Has Bipolar Disorder) is My Mentor


Thanks for this one, rg.
We need to find a way to talk about psychosis the way we talk about depression.

Another blogger friend at HuffPost, well done Samina, How You Treat Someone With a Mental Illness

At TEDx talk, Boise teen with bipolar disorder to deliver message: ‘I am not my illness’ “Eric Walton was the anonymous raging son in “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”. Now he’s an inspiring success story of someone living with mental illness.

“Sometimes you can do everything and still have a relapse—which is incredibly frustrating and disappointing, no doubt. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of bipolar disorder for many people. It is a complex and chronic illness.” What You Need to Know About Relapse in Bipolar Disorder

Real advice for those who’ve attempted suicide, and want to step back into life


Going nowhere slowly zzzzzz Research:

Expert Q&A: Bipolar Disorder

Infradian oscillation of circadian genes in a mouse model of bipolar disorder

Prevalence and clinical features associated with bipolar disorder polypharmacy: a systematic review

Research could lead to new, individualized treatment for bipolar disorder

Theory of Mind Decoding Impairment Associated With Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Brain Abnormalities May Be Biomarkers for Bipolar Disorder

Increased Incidence of Comorbid Bipolar Disorder and Asthma


Controversy: if the palliative care for mental health wasn’t so shitty, conversations like the ones below would be different. Anyway. It is what it fucken is.

Should people with mental health disorders have access to physician-assisted death?

Here is what Dignitas in Switzerland says:

“Contrary to a widely-held opinion, people suffering from mental health problems normally have sufficient capacity of discernment to decide whether they would like to continue living or end their life. Therefore, and as a general rule, they are entitled to ask for an accompanied suicide and receive assistance just as much as people suffering from physical health problems, in order to avoid the high risk of failure. The same applies to healthy people who wish to end their life because they feel that it has become too arduous for them due to old age. There are no rational reasons to patronise these people through paternalism.” source

The next one is a longread.

Letter from Belgium The Death TreatmentWhen should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?

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38 thoughts on “well it’s a bipolar linkdump”

            1. Oh, OK. Was just curious of your reaction. (I know ativan, xanax, ,, are short acting & diazapam, klonipin are long acting benzos,,,). I had klonipin in past, xanax currently. You probably know espiride & sulpuride aren’t approved in the US. (I read some info about their pharmacology)

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            1. Nice to know. I’m currently on xanax. Was Rxd klonipin in the past. Both work pretty good (not entirely). I have switched back to xanax because overall that’s worked better for me.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, sweet Blah!

    Avonlea was diagnosed with walking pneumonia today, so I’m caught up with that. At least she has Nurse Lucy, who, apart from her JD and MD degrees, is a helluva fine ‘n furry nurse! ;)

    On a brighter note, I’m very, very happy to see a post up by my fave blogger. At least the Ativan takes the edge off, right? (That’s what the psych nurses told me….and silly me, I believed them!)

    Sending you lots of Xo,

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        1. I’m a huge Halsey fan! I was just listening to Young Gods. I am going to see her at madison square garden in August! I read her story about her mom being bipolar and when she was diagnosed, attempted suicide, and went into the hospital. I love her music bc I can relate to every word, as I imagine you can. She is so talented. I love how you said your libido is nothing but trouble; I totally hear that! One time I asked my dr if he could give me something to make it go away! LOL

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  2. This is how I feel about Blah. The most intelligent. The most cunning. Also: suffering to die. Full to brimming with what Keats’ called “half in love with easeful death.”

    No platitudes. There we remain. For now, perhaps not in the future.

    Fuck bipolar. You, in your loneliness, light a candle for fellow
    loneliest. With macabre wit and downbeat inspiration and lacerating truth.


  3. Shot;er&#8217os blog has been dormant for months. His last post was last March. There’s been no explanation (at least there) for this, so presumably Shooter’s decided not to blog any more and the blog is defunct, just sitting there as an archive of the older posts.


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