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I made a bunch of manic depression and bipolar memes, as well as quotes by people with bipolar disorder. Steal, use, alter, wipe your ass with them – I do not care. Page may contain traces of nuts, but absolutely no ihatebipolaritsawesome memes. You’ll find more cool stuff on the tribal wisdom page.


Quotes about bipolar disorder:

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Bipolar disorder memes

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13 thoughts on “quotes & memes”

      1. But it’s funnier because it builds up the expectation then, a few pictures later, delivers it. I think it would have been less funny if Fry (Futurama) had been frypolar (also poor Stephen would have been left out). Also that reminds me that Fry and Laurie used to work together, which makes me wonder if Dr House is really Bertie Wooster in disguise…

        “The cure for bipolar? An extraction of aunts.”
        “I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, sir.”
        “Well, yes, after all, nothing pips a chap as much as being away from the elderly relations: Aunts are definitely not gentlemen.”
        “Quite so, sir. While we’re on the subject, could I make a suggestion regarding your hat?”
        “No! Jeeves I’ve told you a thousand times, the hat looks quite topping and I shan’t part with it.”
        (an hour later, after some japes and foolery have happened)
        “Oh, and Jeeves? Be a dear and give my red hat to the orphanage.”
        “I already took the liberty, sir.”
        “Oh, well, um… well done old chap.”
        This will probably make no sense if you’ve never seen or read Jeeves and Wooster with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. I make no apologies.

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          1. Yay! Anyway the thing I was failing to say was that I would love Stephen Fry to do a documentary where Dr House (dressed as Bertie Wooster) came on to give the prognosis. It would be the awesomest sauce of all the awesomesauce.

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  1. I love all of these but the one I love most of all is the one that you designed for me of my fabulous canine Miss Lucy MD. Can’t wait to get that one on t-shirts, and coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and now you can even get pictures on blankets….yes!!! But it’s a bit costly, around $70

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