gif responses to search terms

Does what it says on the lid. Caution: contains moving parts.

Rather not talk at all


Killing false self


I just can’t go on like this


I came across some feelings but I brushed that shit off.


If greeting you it’s a mistake


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on sex. Regards.


Fuck bipolar.


When bae isolate you


Mulishly xxx

Good morning tbh


death and what comes next


bipolar 1 lesbian wife


now that i’m gone


Bipolar owl


viagra vs livetra





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21 thoughts on “gif responses to search terms”

    1. Well, if you attempt that, that’s when the dragon eats the unicorn. They don’t say, “never cut a deal with a dragon,” lightly. Personally, I don’t give a shit; I prefer dragons and hey, every living creature needs lunch. If unicorns turn out to be rhinos for real, I’ll have to rethink my position.

      Unicorns are fierce in their own right, of course, but they’re no match for your average armoured class, fire breathing, pissed off mythical beast. It’d stand a better chance if it partnered with a basilisk or something, but I’m still dubious.

      (I’m also sitting alone in a café, waiting for coffee, hence the babbling.)

      Wish you hadn’t asked? :D

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      1. No, I’m glad I asked. Your words rarely dissappoint. Speaking of which, do we eat our dragon rare, often, or well done?

        Do you have any idea how many people appreciate word play like this? Only people that have been around the word a few times….oh stop….no I can’t.

        Ok, so I made you smile with your coffee. Now, I shall return to sleep. I don’t know why I woke up but I did and then I checked my email on the phone and now I am going to write the world’s longest run on sentence just to make you wonder how long I coukd actually keep it up but all that is really required are a whole lot of words like but, although, so, and and.

        Can you say and and? No, I think it must be unethical, or unthinkable , that is to say ungrammatical. Can you believe I had the word “ungrammatical ” in my head ( well of course, since it was born ther….in my head I mean) and then I was looking for it to appear as a suggested word on my cell phone?

        Yes, as you say I ramble on and then drop like golden nu……

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  1. My friend has a bumper sticker that says,”Beware of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup!” She’s into all sorts of fantasy creatures though and would never pick one over the other. She’s made her career working with actual animals. Kind of like a real life, female, Simon Grace. Though I don’t know that Simon made his career in veterinary sciences, but I haven’t gotten all the way through all of the Chronicles.. Now I’m the one who’s babbling?
    ANYway, this post was highly amusing and led to some hilarious YouTube surfing when I searched “Japanese Dole commercial”.
    Thanks for the laughs.. I really need them right now as life has been extraordinarily sucky over in mmy little corner of the world.

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  2. Thanks for this. It made my headache go away, laughter IS the best medicine. My favorites were the Absolutely Fabulous women, I thought I would be them when I got old, Death and What Comes Next was fun too. WTF I have to say frightened me a bit and I don’t know why. I love all creepy & weird things but this was something else. I think it was his facial expression. I think I think too much! lol Again thanks for the laugh.

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  3. LMAO. I have to wonder about what people search for sometimes. I was stuck at bipolar 1 lesbian wife because IS THAT A PUPPY SHE’S HOLDING SKJDLSJMAKIJSD. Baby animals distract me every time! HEY that’s the way to stop my rampage. Throw me a photo book of baby animals. Pacify my ass.

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  4. wtf, Zoe, I searched for SKJDLSJMAKIJSD and it pointed directly here. Are those random characters or did it mean something deeper? My dragon tried to eat a unicorn once, got sick on the first bite and started puking rainbows and shitting sunshine and white fluffy clouds. Never again.

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    1. Fuck you, spammers. If Ulla were here she’d delete you and block your useless, worthless shit, but she died so I felt like someone should at least let you ass holes know. Fuck off.


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