thorazine – it ain’t a magazine

I saw my psychiatrist today and since my memory is abysmal at the moment, I’m gonna make notes here before I jump into the deranged world of medication advertising.

Lamotrigine – 100mg am, 200mg pm. Will be increased.
Sertraline – 100mg, will be increased.
Bupropion – 150mg, possibly cut out entirely at some point – she says I can use it to quit smoking again one day.
Methylphenidate – week 2, increased from 19mg to 20mg, will probs be increased to 40mg.
Chlorpromazine – (new) 25mg PRN for sleep.

Now the fun part.

Chlorpromazine is Thorazine; all the way from 1951, it has an image a bit like Lithium’s. The unhappy anthem is Gov’t Mule’s Thorazine Shuffle. It’s the kind of longwinded fretwank blues that bores me shitless.

Ain’t no need to worry today
Thorazine shuffle make everything OK

Beloved of the anti-psychiatry brigade, it features in their propoganda, as well as documentaries about such joyous things as the lobotomy. The thing is, having been around for 64 years (uh huh Beatles fans), it’s had as much time to be studied as psychiatry itself. And the 1950s were dark days indeed, for people like us.

Still, vintage pop culture remains fascinating, not to mention eye popping.


LOL! And yet, not LOL at all. Vintage shrinkage things are only very superficially amusing.

More amusement is available in the early hopes and dreams of Thorazine. Have a gander at this – it gets rid of dragons! If only it had been available sooner, St George’s story would’ve been way less entertaining.


Here’s a sad one …


It’s very clear where it gets its bad reputation from, the big pharma marketing machine. Nothing much has changed, people in the States are still being bombarded by ads suggesting they need anti psychotics. And the well intentioned anti-psych mob are as bad as big pharma at making treatment inaccessible for a lot of the planet. Harrumph! (If you’re anti-psych, shoo because this really isn’t the right place for you.)


Who could resist? It deals with everything from intractable hiccups to … well, almost everything else. Just a few of the (woefully small) adverts for Thorazine, generated by your global friends and mine – Smith Kline! Rapacious motherfuckers.






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30 thoughts on “thorazine – it ain’t a magazine”

  1. I am not going to “like” this post no matter HOW hard you pull my chain and … what is one of those – dancing?

    A word of caution, when I went from 200 Lamictal to 300 I got super suicidal, and I was already suicidal … so just know that you aren’t going nuts if it happens.
    (haha – well you know what i mean)

    go look at my pix in my recent post, it will work almost as well as Thorazine.

    Seriously, I think when they frequently used Thorazine as an anti-psychotic, “back along,” it was a much higher dose? So 25 will just wooze you away; don’t think you will look like the guy w/ one eye open (OH MY WORD!!!)

    Good job resairchéing ma cherie :D

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    1. Lol idk…and I thin
      k you know idc about likes ;)

      I’m alright on 300 lamictal so far (just the freaking heartburn every time there’s any change). Mind you, I’m pretty much permanently low level suicidal.

      I shall zoom over to your blog after this – been out for most of the day – coming up for 7.30pm now..

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      1. haha, I liked the comment. BTW – that first pic on this page – very creative. Do you think it would do that for me? Cuz I can’t wear heels and my sneaks are dirty.

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        1. Totally – although I got the impression that impatient = scruffy grunge and home = a sudden transformation into a 1950s housewife. As I am generation X, I’m gonna stick to the faded jeans side of life. You can have ALL my quota of frocks and heels and all those incomprehensible things.

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  2. I’ve always had a fascination for vintage ads because they often have had a shock factor (to me) and these did not disappoint!

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  3. Whoa! These are wacky. And they’re making me pretty grateful that I’m not living in the 50’s. Also, Bupropion is really effective as a quit smoking drug. I used it (300mg daily) to quit smoking and I went from like half a pack a day (not a massive amount, but still) to zero cigarettes a day in like 4 days. No cravings and the Bupropion made smoking taste and feel really gross, so I didn’t smoke even in like social situation where I normally might have the odd cig if other people were. I think I’ve described the taste/feeling as trying to inhale a marshmallow that you picked out of the garbage. It’s a pretty weird experience. -LB

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  4. Being the poster child for all things mental, I have done exactly what you just did and researched all the drugs i was on. I was on 14 different drugs a day. Anti psychotics, anti depressants, anti epileptics.. fucking… shit for side effects. My hair fell out. I lost weight. Lamictin gave me the weirdest rash… on my back… I would fall asleep while talking to people on the phone.

    So i just stopped taking them. (not advocating, just saying) and I was happy for about three months. And then I went postal… like proper. Like arrested for assault proper.

    Now im just on Lithium… and not long ago I wrote a post about the psychiatry world and the pharmaceutical companies, and the lack of research and the… fucked up shit that happens to people who are fashionably bipolar or.. whatever its trendy to be at the time – because they get fed shit that they don’t understand when actually the doctor is just lining his pockets….

    I will stop there. It all makes me very VERY angry. I pretty much decided that I would rather be mad and know who I am than be full of drugs and not know what is me and what is the drugs,

    having said that, I I had a more pleasant relationship with hard drugs because dealers don’t generally hand out side effect pamphlets with their product.

    I don’t really have anything productive to say. Just that it sucks… the whole med thing.


  5. F*ing shit. I just about choked when I saw the chlorapromazine! 1950s alright. Also good for causing you to do develop that incessant lip licking habit and facial ticks. I am sorry, nothing wrong with meds but you are beginning to sound like a pharmaceutical pin cushion. It is an absolute shame you cannot afford to have a full med review (which would mean hospitalization and removal of all meds before reintroducing medications). Sorry if I am out of line but I took 25mg of seroquel (a new order anti-psychotic) Tuesday night and, yes, I slept – 8 hours at night, half of the day and otherwise I lived with heart palpitations and panic attacks until after midnight (so I stayed awake to 4:00 AM to get something done and skipped the pill because I actually needed to function this afternoon).

    Heaven help us all.

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    1. You are definitely not out of line – I depend on you for this kind of info. Do you think 25mg of chlorapromazine prn will still cause side effects like that? Gonna use it as little as possible.

      I didn’t do well on seroquel (sluroquel haha) either of the times I was on it. Took me a few weeks to stop being asleep the next day too. That wasn’t the issue though, it can be adjusted to; but extreme breathlessness etc can fuck riiiiight off.

      But yeah … heaven help us all. Sometimes I wonder if ‘stable mood’ is just another term for ‘stable meds’.

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      1. If you are using it as a prn it should be okay (I think). Much of what I have seen is the results of heavier usage in folks with schizophrenia or (as was common) those bipolar folk who were misdiagnosed. I don’t plan to use the seroquel as more than a prn and I am not going to increase it to 50 mg as recommended.

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  6. First, lovely post, and now something my doctor said about Thorazine (and you know I love my doctor)

    (my doctor had put me on Trazadone to sleep but I forgot the name of it and told her in my next appointment that the Thorazine was working well)
    “I would not write you for Thorazine, that is an outdated med that would turn you into a zombie”
    “oh, what was the name of the sleeping med?”

    she went on about how it is used in psych wards to make people quit assaulting one another. And my doctor got her license in a state where it is particularly difficult to get one. I know you said that people in the US are very afraid of its usage still and I believe you, but my doctor is not your run of the mill american psychiatrist (she does hour long talk therapy with me once per week). (but she is a psychiatrist.)

    But I hope everything works for you and that you are comfortable with your research. I take an anti-psychotic (Latuda) and it has been extremely beneficial for me. It makes that negative shouting scribble tornado in my head turn into more of a cloud of passive aggressive hateful things. It is much easier to tune out this way.

    It’s 2am here so I’ll finish catching up on your blog tomorrow (eh, today actually). :)

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