a little fry and worry

Scheduled post.

Should I make this a regular weekly thing, or do you think it’d get tedious? The man is prolific, to put it mildly, I suspect that it’d be possible to mine the archives and the present forever, without ever catching up with him.

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sex, fries & videotape

(I lied about the sex)
(scheduled post)

All hail the patron saint of manic depression, homosexuality, intelligence, atheism, gadgets, linguistics and swearing, Steeeeeeephen FRY! I was going to make this a post full of animated videos and gifs, all of them about bipolar, but then… Oh look! A butterfly! Some Frycandy for all my favourite Frywhores!

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bipolar poets and stephen fry and poetry

In my (mere) six months blogging about bipolar, I have noticed a lot of poetry being written. Now, I am a lesbian and the song of my people is free verse, so it’s a familiar environment to me. The difference between bipolar poets and lesbian poets, is that the bipolar ones rhyme much, much more. What they have in common is that there isn’t a lot of evidence that work and editing and bleeding, sweating and tearing took place. Stephen Fry informs us that this is not a phenomenon limited to bipolar, lesbian and bipolar lesbian poets and that it is in fact, infesting the entire modern poetry scene. He wrote a book about it.
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stephen fry for president

(of everything)

Not many queer, bipolar celebs put their money where their mouth is the way Stephen Fry does. This is an eloquent illustration of how absolutely fuckwitted the prejudices are.


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Stephen Fry and Bipolar

You’ve seen Stephen Fry: The secret life of a manic depressive haven’t you? It’s on YouTube if you haven’t. I think it’s my favourite documentary about this neurobloodyillogical neurobiological disorder we have. It’s two hours of solidly good viewing, I watched it on the Beeb when it came out (2004? 5?) and again after my diagnosis this year.

Trigger warnings for suicide stuff. Also spoilers by the fuckload. Many words too, the damn thing is full of them. And the screenies are from YouTube and comments.


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