what the f…riday?

So, Fryane Fried-on-Fridays babbled incoherently… I’m guessing it was a 3 shot espresso thing…

I have a SPARKLING idea for you. Please, please think it over.


What about 1x week you offer us, your devotees, the chance to “Ask Blahpolar” whatever we want!
Please please please?????
It can be short and sweet. You don’t have to work TOO hard, um…maybe?

Please say yes!

I fear for her psychotic soul, but she is one of the few people who can withstand a torrent of friendly abuse the size of a Matterhorn avalanche. Yup, mixed episodes cause mixed metaphors; mind you, so do hypomania, mania, anger and agitation. Despite my suspicion that she doesn’t quite understand the word ‘devotees’ and is impressively deluded about my fascination factor and my ability to be either short or sweet, I succumbed. Weekly posts would be a disaster for my page views, so I’m doing a weakly version. And here it is.

Actual picture of yours truly. That's my 'thrilled' facial expression.

If you can think of anything to ask that I haven’t already barfed up in your newsfeed already, please do, because if there aren’t any questions, I’m going to die of shame. On the other hand, if you’d prefer me dead, silence is your best option. You’re welcome to be as rude, crude, offbeat and outrageous as you like.

It reminded me of a post I wrote a few months ago for the blogging 101 course. Okay it was the only post I wrote for it. Rereading it, I have to retrospectively diagnose full throttle hypomania, I was the shit of many bats that day. I get hypo on wp rather too easily and it’s fun till my mind reminds me of all the pain and self loathing. I can’t think of a less melodramatic way to say that (actually I can’t think of a more melodramatic way either). I used to be fond of reality, these days I’m pointing an ak47 at the motherfucker. I must also confess that I genuinely bore myself shitless, because it’s not interesting inside my mind, even when I’m nattering with the sea or an 8 foot praying mantis. I am however, up my own ass enough to be interested in questions about me. Well. Most questions.


Say something…


Don’t leave me out here in the cold…

Hold me.