in which I watch a documentary and get sidetracked

Get some coffee, this’ll be a long post. Mine’s milk no sugar thanks.

My mother used to say that she’d end up
at Bellevue if we didn’t all behave
Of course, she wanted to go to Bellevue
where the world was safe, the grates familiar,
the howling not unlike her stifled sobs.
(from ‘Bellevue’ by Julia Alvarez, 2002)

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a patient by any other name

Patient, client, consumer – which term do you prefer and why? What difference does it make? Who cares? Well, sit down and let’s take a look.
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the pills are alive with the sound of puking

All you need is a medical dictionary, to lend a sense of gravity to things, amirite? I was contemplating my evening head rushes (med rushes) and thought I’d check on their formal name – orthostatic hypotension. Worst side effect of the orthodizzy hyporushes? Accidental falls.

Now I’m starting posts with digression, what next…

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people say i’m crazy

All the way from 1989, this one comes to us via the California Network of Mental Health Clients. I began watching it with one question in mind, has anything changed 26 years later? The accents seem dated (why?) and the fashion too, but the disorders haven’t changed. Issues haven’t changed either, and neither has what we want, what we fear, what we feel, what worries us.

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psychiatry in russia

Please watch this, I’d love to hear (read) your thoughts; it’s only 13mins long.

Psychiatry in Russia (Albert Maysles, 1955)

Albert Maysels, the director, died on the 6th of this month, aged 88. I found the New York Times obituary really interesting. I found the short documentary utterly startling – I won’t tell you why, because spoilers. And I really do want to hear your reactions.