was kurt cobain bipolar?

I’ll be honest, I don’t care either. I love and miss Kurt, I’m just not into forensic psychiatry. This is just an excuse for some quotes, links and gifs of that beautiful and tragic boy. He screamed pain to and for those of us Generation X-ers who felt pain too. He was the 90s.


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It’s lithium time

Trigger warning: picture of Hitler.

After an exhausting and exhaustive period of research, I’m going to try Lithium next. While I was in the throes of the aforementioned research, I tried hard not to tell anyone that my willingness to give Lithium a whirl was influenced by the fact that Kurt Cobain (rumoured to be bipolar himself) sang a song about it.

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I mean, that’s a rather whimsical attitude, isn’t it? Anyway, the choice was made after doing a serious amount of reading, canvassing a sizeable group of bipolar people and discussion with my psychiatrist. See, sensible!

It might be genetic though, because when I told my nextofkin that Lithium was on the shortlist, he said Lithium – like Nirvana.


You gotta get your kicks where you can.

Since I’m tracking this whole journey here, let me record that I’m starting with three days on 250mg, then five days on 500mg. After that, blood tests to check lithium level, kidneys and thyroid.

So farewell Seroquel, you hunger-stimulating little beast … farewell urge to eat like Pacman!


I’ve mailed back to ask how the transition works. I don’t know whether I’m keeping or losing Citalopram.


Isn’t that the most bizarre meme? The words are, however, true.

This is kind of a nothingy post hey? Lol.