bless me bloggers, for I have linked

It has been 16 days since my last link-session… Yup, I’m a recovering Catholic. Hi. And now, let us link.


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a cheerful bipolar linkdump

No matter how I rationalise it, citing extra creativity and sensitivity and empathy and so on, I don’t find bipolar even remotely cheery. But but BUT – there is certainly some cheerful news and general info from time to time. After my last growly linkdump (and I did a purely tragic one a while back), it is time to focus on wisdom, advocacy, potentially useful research, happy bipolar people. and just … cool people doing cool stuff.

Today I am Pollyanna, no caveats and disclaimers and downsides were employed in the pasting of these links.

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was kurt cobain bipolar?

I’ll be honest, I don’t care either. I love and miss Kurt, I’m just not into forensic psychiatry. This is just an excuse for some quotes, links and gifs of that beautiful and tragic boy. He screamed pain to and for those of us Generation X-ers who felt pain too. He was the 90s.


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madness redefined: creativity, intelligence and the dark side of the mind

Panel discussion at the World Science Fair 2012 – hosted by Cynthia McFadden.


Panel of professors:
Kay Redfield Jamison (psych) (bipolar)
James Fallon (neuroscience) (ocd, bipolar, sociopath)
Elyn Saks (psych and law) (schizophrenic, hypochondriac)

The intro is poems and stuff, at the end there’s a performance by Irish singer Susan McKeown. If you’re cool with lines like balls on the floor and smells like cabbage in a serious sense, you’ll probably enjoy those sections more than I did. The panel discussion, however, was really good.

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Free papers by KRJ

I blog for a few reasons and one of them is that it’s a handy way to file the stuff I’ve read.

Great wits and madness: more near allied?
The many stigmas of mental illness. (Register free to access)
Stigma of manic depression: a psychologist’s experience.
Vincent van Gogh’s illness.