A Summer In The Cage

A Summer In The Cage: http://youtu.be/ZANTo_czzPE

Thanks Percy Paul for the headsup to this. He was featured in Flight from the Darkness, another bipolar documentary.

Filmmaker Ben’s documentary about an inner city batting cage gets derailed by Sam, who has bipolar 1, into being a documentary about Sam. Kay Redfield Jamison pops up early in the film to tell us how common bipolar is and that people therefore need to be educated about it. I guess Ben’s own education didn’t get past the traditional angle that manic depressives are difficult bastards and yeah it’s an illness but omg difficult stay away stay away … it reinforces one of Sam’s opening lines, all a director wants is a good story.

There are good films and books about bipolar out there. What there isn’t, is a cure. There isn’t a visible search for a cure and there isn’t much beyond how to put up with a bipolar person. If it was all taking place within a more politicised environment, people would be screaming blue murder about the othering of manic depressives. This film doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know.

Here’s a comment from YouTube:

Yeah bro that’s nice. Maybe you can go forgive some cancer patients next.

Moral of the story? Bipolar people feeling permanently apologetic and guilty. Top killer of bipolar people is suicide. Make the fucken connection, world.

Ben Selkow wanking:

The movie’s ending, as in life, isn’t black and white. “We kept trying to script reality but we couldn’t,” Selkow says. Over time, Sam expressed real ambivalence and resentment about the movie, eventually blaming Selkow for the stalled condition of his life. It became apparent to both men that they had to call it quits. “Sam’s story is continuing,” Selkow says, adding that Murchison has not yet watched the documentary. They are currently out of touch, following a pattern of their friendship, but Selkow hopes that the real work of the film will be done on an educational level. “I’ve been humbled by the power of mental illness and Sam’s bravery, and love of Sam’s mom and sister. It’s been, personally, a major challenge to finish this, but the advocacy is important in order for people to learn as much as they can. I’m hoping the inspiration of Sam’s courage and honesty can permeate.”

tl;dr – director fakes friendship to sell DVDs.

If you google Sam Murchison, you won’t find much. He’s just some expendable manic depressive, you know …

Inspiration my ass.