check check, bipolar 1, 2…

There’s so much outdated information and misinformation out there about bipolar that either ignores or misinterprets the changes from DSM IV to 5 (bizarre to change the numbering system of the whole thing too, innit?). The difference between bipolars 1 and 2 is the thing I find most vague and variable online, so I looked at the diagnostic criteria first.

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we know more about bipolar than they do

So I was on my own couch this morning, waking up and waiting for my lift to the therapist’s couch (fail, it’s an armchair) and I started this post with absolutely no end goal. It meandered along, doing its own thing. I’m up and down like a rentboy’s boxers today, so if it’s all fractured and nonsensical, fear not, I feel that feel too.


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