wherefore art thou?

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier to delve deeper into the world of tortured/not tortured neurologically ill artists. And by art, I mean any and all forms of the arts, darlings. I’m intensely fascinated by it all, and a big fan of the cerebral artgasm. It works out for me because I’m not scared to think and opine, no matter how ill-informed I am. This ain’t curation, kids, it’s just a fast and dirty roundup of contemporary things, and does not necessarily reflect the multimillion dollar private art collection of yours truly.

Today’s linkdump is brought to you by the words subjective and snarky.

But it before we get into it, here’s something to either put you in a good mood, or become homicidal in my direction, because…

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a fairly brainy bipolar linkdump longdrop

Brace yourselves, this is a linkful and linktense linkdump. (The gif at the end will hopefully make you lol.)
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At last, an article about the bipolar brain that has some information that looks useful.
The tl;dr is: differences in the cerebellum are found in bipolar people – except those taking lithium. (Iowa)

New Melbourne-based research, however, has found sufferers have reduced ability to recognise emotions in other people’s faces.
why people with bipolar disorder don’t always see how you feel

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searches, side effects, sisters of mercy

“Nobody wants to hear you cry about the grief inside your bones.”
“When I thought I hit bottom, it started hitting back.”

From Andrea Gibson – The Madness Vase (spoken word) & you can find it as text here.

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