Okay I am done with puns on the word ‘link’. I’ve been posting linkdumps more or less weekly (and frequently weakly) for almost a year and a half now and I’m all out of inspiration. The above is the final and most feeble of them.


To the links!

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help I’m all outa link puns!

Although I’ve begun to dump links by category in separate posts, I’ve decided to keep a general one too. Firstly, I think today’s links do belong together and secondly, if I don’t do it, I’m going to end up doing some purely depressing linkdumps. While I believe that we have to be as aware of the good as the bad, I think mixing it up is a good solution.


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pour me a link

(scheduled post)

They say I have a linking problem, I say just one more link (for the road). Who you callin’ lunk?! Another week, another linkdump, and they seem to be getting longer. As usual, the comments in italics are mine.
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link floyd (not freud)


Once a week, I saunter around the Internet, casually plucking interesting links about manic depression from the ether. On the whole, they’re fresh as well as freshly plucked, but from time to time I raid the dusty vaults of the past. (The stuff in italics, is me.)

If you only click one link, make it “I don’t believe in god, but I believe in lithium.”

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bipolar linkdump: the mostly orly snarky edition

I’m suffering from irritabipolar disorder, it’s a form of manic depression that the DSM continues to ignore. It can be alleviated, if not cured, by massive applications of cash and lesbians to the afflicted area i.e. me. It’s a very elite version, so I’m even more special than I was yesterday. Fortunately, people tend to find me amusing when I’m pissy. And I only ever smack people once with a fish for saying so.
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