singaporean bipolar & depression quiz show

I’m not going to review this one any further than to say zomg I LOVE it. Feel free to come back and agree or lynch me. Please check it out, regardless of whether or not you’re bipolar. I started the day feeling rather crappy, but more stable. I am now grinning my ass off. If any of you see my ass, I’d quite like it back.*exits stage left followed by a bear*

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demystifying bipolar

Dr Jane Erb M.D. & members of DBSA (Boston)

It covers the following questions:
How is it diagnosed?
What are the range of symptoms?
How is bipolar treated?
What to look forward to?

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Boy Interrupted

Triggers: suicide. And this is not so much a review as a re-telling and then my comments. I’ve included his suicide note. Please don’t read further if it’ll hurt too much.
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bipolar documentaries

Here yoú go – 20+ hours of it. I made a page to put this and the bipolar music video playlist on too, so that it’ll be easy to find. I hope you’ll share stuff you find with me there. 

Watch “Stephen Fry – The Secret Life Of The Manic Depres…” on YouTube

Stephen Fry – The Secret Life Of The Manic Depres…: