don’t think, link

Bless me bloggers for I have linked; it has been 11 days since my last linkdump … blahblahfuckthepopeblah en so aan und so weiter etc. And today’s soundtrack is all Krizz Kaliko, who is bipolar; there’s an interview somewhere down there too. I’ve spammed you guys with his song about bipolar a lot, frequently, often – but now you’re getting spammed harder. I looove this guy. Before we get all neurobiological and philosophical, and by way of introduction …

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let’s unpack a meme

Here is a positive and popular meme and perhaps I am a curmudgeon for dissecting it. I like the meme, so there. What I don’t like are factual and grammatical errors and so I shall blog and bleat about it to appease my needs. Original meme in bold text. I’m only going to fix the most glaring grammatical stuff, otherwise you guys would see how painfully pernickety I am about work. I can lay claim to all but the OCD diagnosis, I’d be grateful if someone would check that out.
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tuesdays with sorry

I keep having very basic and blatant anxiety dreams at the moment. I believe that dreams are simply mental detritus – and it doesn’t take a genius to understand why anxiety is invading right now. I think phenergan is giving me truly evil headaches; I reckon I’ve now tested that enough to stop and try something else for sleep. As well as the headaches, it leaves me groggy. I woke this morning, took a paracetamol, stood under a hot shower for ages to relieve neck muscles etc a bit and then stayed awake long enough to eat, before I fell asleep again. Now I’m a bit less groggy and headachy.
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fun and games?

Graphically pleasing things, amusing things, interesting things. Enjoy! Lots of love, BlahPollyanna

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ruby’s mind

I found these on giphy, but they originate from ruby etc. She drew ’em, she deserves loads of credit.


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