Another Electroconvulsive Therapy Update

Lather, rinse, repeat. FML.

Our Lived Experience

I’ve had three sessions of ECT so far, nine to go. Apparently I’m having seizures the way I’m supposed to, I haven’t experienced anything more than very temporary, very short term memory loss. The muscle pain is minimal, there’s no nausea.

Leaving home at 05h30 to get there in time is downright unsociable, but infinitely preferable to being an inpatient. I still hate it though, a big part of me wants to quit (but I won’t). Today I got there at 06h30, in time for the patients’ usual morning informal and very off key hymn-along. I had my blood pressure, sugar and weight checked (I seem to be losing weight) and got changed into a hospital gown.

When I was wheeled into the theatre waiting area, the blood pressure cuff went on again. When I went into the theatre itself, I got one applied to my arm and one to…

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6 thoughts on “Another Electroconvulsive Therapy Update”

  1. As an ECT veteran, I know it takes tremendous courage to do what you’re doing. I admire you and I’m thinking of you heaps.

    Glad you’re having sufficient seizures!!!!!! I’m also thankful that you had a kind nurse tell you to think positive – so many nurses are taciturn or jaded, especially that early in the morning. :0

    Here’s to a big, ‘ol turnaround in your mood when you get session 5, hell – why not 4?!

    Sending you lots of love. Lucy sends her barky best.


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  2. You are far braver than I. I think it all sounds barbaric. But then, I ended up brain damaged from a med interaction so I am pretty jaded about anything scrambling my brain into another omelet.
    Hope it turns everything around for you. I admire you for sticking with it.

    And outpatient is much better as I doubt the dragon would eat their brown bread ;)

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  3. Popped over to read the full article and I’m looking at your tag line on this page: comment or the dragon will toast you. I’m really looking forward to actually being in danger of getting toasted again. <3 <3 Love you lots.

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