recent links about bipolar disorder

Be yourself. Don’t be evil. Show a little empathy. (Jón Gnarr)

Pick of the week is this –

“… the honesty- part of vulnerability- is allowing people to see the whole picture”
Mary Lambert Gets Real About Living With Bipolar Disorder

On the subject of the Orlando shootings…

“Ex-wife called Omar Mateen “bipolar” — but throwing term around erroneously is dangerous”
Was shooter’s ex-wife right to call him ‘bipolar’?

“My father’s unconventional way of thinking showed me that it is possible to construct the life you want, and assured me that it was ok to stand out from the crowd.”
My Father’s Bipolar Disorder Made My Life Better

““Bipolar,” it seems, has become a laugh line. An exaggeration of the basic concept of opposites, like up and down, or hot and cold.”
Bipolar disorder is nothing to make light of

“When you’re dating someone like me — someone with bipolar disorder  — you have to be ready for a bumpy ride. We are extreme. You’ll never be loved harder or shown more affection in your entire life. We’ll shower you with gifts, love letters and all of your favorite things.”
This Is Exactly What Someone With Bipolar Disorder Needs From A Relationship

I recommend the next article highly too.

“I woke up alone in the car I live in to a flat tire. My immediate resolution for the day was to decide how best to kill myself. It sounds extreme, I know; but that’s exactly what living with bipolar disorder is like for me.”
I Have Bipolar Disorder & This Is What A Mixed Episode Feels Like For Me

Bipolar Disorder Makes Me Stronger For My Boys

5 Mental Health Disorders That Are Often Misdiagnosed

Scott Stapp Opens Up About Battling Addiction & Bipolar Disorder, Possible Creed Reunion (podcast)

Maybe some inspiration for those of you writing your memoirs here. It sez she turned her blog into a book.

Bipolar Disorder May Have Genetic Links to Autism, Schizophrenia
Altered circadian somatostatin expression linked to bipolar disorder

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21 thoughts on “recent links about bipolar disorder”

  1. It seems like you got a whole LOT accomplished, what a brilliant post, I’ll be looking at all the links! And if that Mateen person had a diagnosable illness, then yes, it would have been ok to say he had bipolar disorder, but in the way his wife used it, I don’t really agree with it. It gives us, the people who really have bipolar, a very bad name! Hope you don’t mind, but I think I’ll write a post about it! XXXXOOOO

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          1. Shit. I’m so sorry. You were on my mind earlier today, wondering how you are doing, probably around the same time you wrote this. Thinking of you…. Xo

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  2. Rebecca Lombardo did exactly what I’m doing right now: using her blog to write her memoirs. I have so much material already written up and I think that a lot of people can benefit from my story who don’t have access to iris realize my blog exists. I look forward to picking up her book and reading it. Thanks for sharing these really good links!

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      1. “resource”, dammit!!!! and “perhaps she could inspire you”
        I hate typos! ;)

        p.s. Nina has spoken numerous times at the San Francisco Writers Conference and she has a good reputation. There are probably copycat books out there, but I think her book is one of the best ones.


      2. Wow! She has a lot of good resources. The problem with me though is having trouble finding out where to start. I already wrote the prologue and the first chapter. I need to actually learn what a book proposal is.

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  3. I wish people cared about other people instead of just themselves. Then maybe instead of not bothering to try to understand, making glib statements, vague or untrue claims, and mass generalizations about other people, to make themselves look better or make themselves feel better about themselves, we’d have people doing something that’s actually helpful. It happens with disorders, it happens professionally, it happens in personal relationships, and it all makes someone in the advantage at other’s expense, and leaves the other or others, without good cause, in the disadvantage. None of it is anything I’d call “good.”

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  4. Great post with loads of interesting info, Blah :) I’d love your perspective (or anyone else’s) on a statement made to me after I said something to someone along the lines of “You’ll never be loved harder or shown more affection in your entire life”. I was accused of being a narcissist. WTF!! To quote – “Because you’re saying your love is bigger and deeper than anyone else’s”. I tried to explain that it was all about the extremes but it fell on deaf ears. If you feel up to it, I’d love to know your thoughts on this

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    1. Narcissist seems to get used as shorthand, the way that the word bipolar does. I mean, you’re saying that the love will be intense, you weren’t making shitty comparisons. Sounds like the person was projecting their own stuff on to it to me.

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      1. That’s it exactly! As for projecting their issues on me – that’s exactly what I thought but just didn’t know what to say in the moment. Post ‘Lover Incident’ I’ve done a lot of research on narcissistic personality disorder. What jumped out most at me was a comment that ‘narcissists have no souls’. So to be judged as one was an insult to every wet, slobbering, intense emotion I try to contain within but invariably leaks out at the slightest provocation. Thanks for that validation. I feel better now. Yay, thanks Blah :) <3

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  5. I think you were just saying you love this person very, very much! And that was sweet of you to say and they really should have appreciated it because sadly, you don’t hear that often enough in this world. You did nothing wrong. Xxxooo


  6. I remember that phase very well. Any problem I had, no matter how simple, would automatically make me decide that the solution was to kill myself. It was just a natural train of thought for me. It is a bit better now but I never managed to shed it completely in the long-term :(


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