I finally had ECT

So it finally happened…

Our Lived Experience

After the long wait for ECT, actually having it was, of course, utterly anticlimactic. I had to leave home at 04h30 to be in the ward by 06h00, by that time everyone was already up and washed and sitting waiting for breakfast and doctors. I had to change into a hospital nightdress; the nurse who laughed and said I look like a man the other day, asked if I look like my father today. She looked very confused when I said no.


I had my blood pressure etc checked and was then wheeled off to the operating theatre. Shrink one was waiting in scrubs, the anaesthetist peered sadly at the vein in my elbow before putting the drip in at the wrist. I had a blood pressure cuff on my upper arm by then and another on my lower leg . I had to undo the nightdress and have…

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8 thoughts on “I finally had ECT”

  1. So glad you got through it….extremely proud of you, & as you undergo each session I hope with all my heart you feel better and better.
    Remember Dr. Sherwin Nuland.

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      1. For unilateral (after Dad died) I felt noticabley better after 1st session. A couple years later when I did bilateral (after I went off lithium/other meds and relapsed) it took a few sessions to notice anything. As you know, everyone reacts differently. Hang in there….XOXXO from me and Lucy

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