ECT update

So my ECT got delayed yet again. I went into hospital on Thursday to have it on Friday, but the nationwide taxi protests resulted in things like felled trees burning across roads and so doctors didn’t get to the hospital… To cut a long story short, I left on Saturday and refused to go back. Shrink one then arranged for me to have it as an outpatient, so I’m going in by 6am tomorrow for the first of 12 sessions.

If you read my previous entry, you already know why I found the hospital stay intolerable. What stood out most glaringly this time, was a lot of pressured speech and psychosis all around. Friday night’s dinner of two slices of brown bread and a half litre of maas (fermented milk) didn’t cheer me up either. I kept quiet and just ate the bread, another woman bitched hard and the nurse said, “eat now, complain later!”

Anyway, I’ll write about the ECT over on OLE and repost it here on Wednesday, I just thought I’d do an interim update here. I feel like I’ve been through the wars guys. I just don’t feel like writing it at length.


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27 thoughts on “ECT update”

  1. Thinking of you. I’m sure it won’t ease you situation, but Thomas confessed to spending his days planning means of suicide (and drinking), so we spent the afternoon at urgent care. He was interested in inpatient hospitalization but, if a doctor approves it and makes the referral he could expect to wait two days or more in ER waiting for a bed! He agreed to go back today (Sunday) to meet with the same therapist and then on Monday I will take him down for an intake for adult addiction services. It has been stressed to him that not being ready to stop is normal and not required for addictions services. Mind you a group of friends stopped by last night to share a bottle, celebrating that they have all just detoxed off heroin. . .

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  2. For the love of all things holy this better work for you because you sure as hell have put a ton of effort into getting it done! I hope it goes well….at least if you get to go home each night you can eat better food. Hopefully that helps you. <3

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  3. Oh my goodness! How awful! And even tough that picture is amazing, it looks like something from Mad Max! Crossing my fingers for you that this time it’ll go smoothly. The last thing you need in a bad depression is this kind of idiocy. In your corner, wishing you the best. Love and hugs for you Blah.

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