Further adventures in the public mental healthcare sector

Our Lived Experience

I still haven’t had ECT. I haven’t had it because the head anaesthetist at the hospital won’t do the general anaesthetic for it, because he considers it barbaric. He goes to Siberia annually to hunt bear – I am not kidding. Anyway, apparently they can get someone in to do it from the next state hospital in the area. Barbaric my ass. The essence of public healthcare is waiting-flavoured, I’m waiting for a phone call from Shrink Two to let me know when I need to go back into hospital. I’ll be having 12 sessions over six weeks. I’ll blog about it whenever it happens and in the meantime I’ll tell you about my night in the female mental health ward.

Behind eight foot fencing and a padlocked security gate is a small paved area with some benches and an aluminium bucket. To the right of the building’s doorway are…

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18 thoughts on “Further adventures in the public mental healthcare sector”

  1. This guy sounds like he could use a wake – up call.

    It drives me crazy how often I hear ECT dismissed based on prejudices held over from a time when the practice was in its infancy and the medical ethics surrounding mental health care were poorly formed and misguided.

    Sure, ECT isn’t a panacea and can be abused — but the same can be said for essentially everything else.


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  2. Goes to show, everyone’s reality is their own perception. My idea of barbaric is being out of cigarettes and having to bathe from a bucket. I am a princess.

    I did a post called Cooked OUT. There’s a pic in there I think you will like ;) I thought of you when I found it in my email.

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  3. Wow… this is my favorite post of yours ever- but not because I’m happy about what you’re going through. But jesus fuck. I’d send you a carton of cigarettes.

    and fuck that anesthesiologist.

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  4. If I lived near that shrink I’d kick his stupid ass and drag him to a Scientology meeting and handcuff him to a chair.

    A bear’s life is worth more than his.

    (Sorry, I didn’t take my unicorn fart supplement this morning!)


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  5. Goddess! I don’t know whether to be more appalled over the idea of what you went through of the idea that you’ll go back for more. With all due respect, honey, what the FUCK are you doing there?

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