#FeatureFriday: Natasha Tracy in the house!

Thanks Yvette for passing the opportunity to interview Natasha Tracy my way. I’ve always liked her straightforwardness and it shows up in this Q&A too. (Also fortunately it was done before I got sick and my brain was functioning lol.)

Thanks lots for reading it.

Our Lived Experience

Interview by the Blahpolar

*passes Natasha a glass of water*

  • How would you describe yourself, if you weren’t allowed to mention bipolar?

I would describe myself as a writer, speaker and social media consultant. I would also say I’m an ex-skydiver, techie geek and avid cook.

  • What is your full diagnosis?

My diagnosis is bipolar type II but if I were to be a bit more accurate I would say bipolar type II ultradian with generalized anxiety

  • When were you diagnosed?

I was diagnosed, initially, when I was 20 years old, but I was diagnosed, incorrectly, with minor depression. At the time, I knew the psychiatrist was wrong for two reasons. One, I had done a lot of research on bipolar disorder and was pretty sure that was the diagnosis; and two, I knew there was nothing “minor” about my depression considering I was acutely suicidal at the time.

  • Is…

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9 thoughts on “#FeatureFriday: Natasha Tracy in the house!”

  1. I’d like to be interviewed by you here, but Lucy said/barked that SHE wants to be interviewed by you, so maybe we can BOTH be interviewed by you when you’re up for it???

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  2. I’d like to join the interview party please, I have Fluffin, she might join us too if we had tuna fish! :-)))
    Great interview, so glad you’re back! I know you did this before the hospital, but I’m still glad you’re back. xxxooo

    Liked by 1 person

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