Meet the Seat

Meet the seats, here are the chairs upon which therapy takes place. I’m in a foul mood about it today, therapy left me jagged.



Our Lived Experience

Well hello there, say hi to my low chair. It’s where I park my arse for therapy weekly and weakly at ward 13. It sits on the subordinate side of Shrink Two’s desk and I’ve laughed on it, cried on it and growled quietly on it. Most weeks it hears about death and loneliness because these days, that’s what I’m mostly about. Good chair!


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17 thoughts on “Meet the Seat”

  1. Sorry to hear that therapy was rough today. I’ve gone three weeks without therapy due to life sfuff, etc. I am looking forward to Thursday and Friday. I have a lot to unpack on the hospital office chairs.

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    1. Hey I’m glad you’ve got time to reconnect with it some. You know how to get hold of me if you want to catch up sometime. You’re in my thoughts lots meanwhile. Strongs ne.

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      1. I will be in touch. I’m at my parent’s house at the moment where I have no wifi (kind of nice, actually) . I can only use data on my tablet so I have to limit online time. Be back home tonight.

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  2. I loved this.
    These chairs…what they’ve seen and heard. But damn, you deserve a way more comfy chair in a perfect world.
    Or a perhaps a therapy hammock?

    I’m sorry your day sucked.
    Mine did too.

    Of course this wouldn’t be a proper FRYANE post if I didn’t add a totally self-absorbed remark. Dog-ctor (!) Lucy gets spayed tomorrow, and Avonlea keeps FLIPPING out that she’ll die from the surgery. AS if yours truly wasn’t anxious enough. But I also love how Avi loves Lucy to worry about her. Can you tell I’m a Jew in the blood?


    ANYHOO, sending you hugs.
    These poor hugs will have to travel awfully far, as I figured out that you live 10,616 miles from me. They will be tired when they show up, so can you welcome them with open arms? Take them for a stroll on that magnificent beach of yours at dawn?


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    1. I’m glad you warned me, it’d be odd to see a bunch of disembodied arms arriving if I didn’t know they were friendly. Hope Lucy (Medical Dog), is fine, I’m sure she will be, it’s such a routine op these days.

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      1. Shit, I’m jealous she gets to go under into oblivion. I really miss that part of ECT! ;) Thanks, friend. I haven’t forgotten about getting some BP’s to you – I will. When you least expect it, they shall arrive….. Xo

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          1. I just loved the 10 seconds & then-lights-out part – one minute wanting to die, the next, all that angst just gone! Plus it didn’t hurt that every single anesthesiologist was a surfer who could moonlight as a professional GQ model–and–they seemed kind!


      1. I has man flu and a migraine so clearly I’m dying. I was particularly pissed off to find that video directly linked from one of mine, from showing someone a video of my rabbits. I know it’s not going to do anything but I reported his video to Youtube for promoting hatred of a group of people. Grrrrrrr.
        Imma go over here now where I can’t infect you with plague.

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        1. I reported that thing a good while back, I don’t think I got a response, hope you do. V sorry to hear about the man flu and migraine (getoff the computer, woman). Hope you feel a ton better very soon.

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          1. Thanks, I keep trying to go back to bed but it just seems to get worse when I lie down. Ick. Hey, at least I’m not pregnant so I don’t have to panic over the minute possibility of microencephaly like all those women in the Americas… what a horrific story that turned out to be.


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