fuck bipolar



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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

34 thoughts on “fuck bipolar”

  1. You asked me the other day about some of my terms for all this crap and that was the day wordpress was being a dickbag so I didn’t get to reply…
    Put on the spot, all I can remember is medi-go-round, panxiety, and the douchebaggery simpleton manual.
    I need a med to counteract the effects of the meds that effect my memory. Cripes, have the dragon toast the professionals, plz, ty.

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  2. I’ve given all i can.

    It’s not enough.


    This is what you get.

    When you mess with us.

    For. A. Minute. There. I. Lost. Myself.

    I lost myself.

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