all cracked up

My lazy pasting of stock images continues. Hypo me sez it’s the next big thing, real me says jaaa I’ll just do this for a little while, then…oh look! A butterfly!

Hypo me almost started a whole new blog for it, BUT I DIRRENT, SEE HOW I HAZ LEARNED! *cough* I hate myself and I want to fry*… Truth be told, it’s a mixed episode, and you guys know that’s less than no fun. The little hypo patches in it are getting me through the day without cracking up completely though.

Look it was either this, or I was just going to blog about tattoo ideas and Bowie’s last album. Actually that might have been better, but I honestly can’t concentr…WOW BUTTERFLY!

* ten points to Gryffindor if you got that.

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30 thoughts on “all cracked up”

  1. I love a hypomanic person – so much of funny! I hope the crash does not occur. And if it must, then just a mild dose of mind fuckery.

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    1. Ag it’s gotta crash, and if I feel it going up and not down, I’m gonna medicate for sleep, to avoid the bigger crash. Mania scares me (and rightly so, mine is dreadful on many levels).

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      1. Absolutely!!! Don’t let yourself elevate any higher. That would be dangerous! It may just taper off nice and slowly as you adjust to the new meds? Let’s hope so!

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      1. I’m scrambling to think of the eggsact response to make you crack up, but i’m afraid omelet everybody down. Assuming everybody hasn’t already poached the best puns already. The pun-dits are all irritating me with their talk about the Super Bowl, and the commercials aren’t even being dis-custard-ebated. I was disappointed that the Panthers didn’t play a better game. The commercials went over easy, and my favorite was the robot razor one. I’m going to sign off now, I’m feeling a little fried.

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        1. Eggshellent riposte, as always. Eggshelly, I’ve been trying to think of your cool words and terms to add into the glossary on my Tribe page. All I can think of is Med-i-go-round, remind me of the others too pliz?


  2. LMAO! I love how you’re even doing these little cartoons. I’m currently trying to figure out how to chat with someone on Google + (business meeting) and I texted back and said “Can’t we just use the phone?” There’s no way I’d ever figure out how to be funny AND configure the images you have at the same ti…squirrel!

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    1. Lol thanks (but I go to almost any lengths to actually talking on my phone, there are very few people whose voices I’m keen to hear). Those things are simple to make, there’s now way I’d be able to… Ooh nice squirrel!!!


  3. Have you thought that perhaps on the new medication this might be honing in on your new “normal”? That maybe you might be a bit elevated, and that the rapid cycling might play out differently? I mean, only you would know how your moods are playing out but maybe this stuff is working differently to any of the stuff you’ve had before?

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