therapy – a room without a view

So, my post whining about not ever had a couch for therapy sent my thoughts off along strange pathways about the physical environments of psychological therapy. So I slapped a bunch off stock images together and had a little fun*.

* yes fun – twice in one week! Man I love hypomania.

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26 thoughts on “therapy – a room without a view”

          1. if the Master can be the Mistress, the Doctor can be Dr. Blah. Why not? And Deon, her faithful and very protective companion. With rusty barbed-wire sporkic screwdrivers and double dragons, they’d take over the universe and then set it free.

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                    1. Judoons. I was trying to create a race of “aliens” who could be human-like and therefore not have to wear heavy, hot costumes. The puritans have been on earth a long time. Oh, brilliant, why not let me get stabby on some Westboro aliens from Kansas? They’re even scarier than Puritans. And I almost laughed. We can film Judoons in winter.

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  1. “If you don’t stop this atrocious, unsympathetic behaviour, I shall be forced to release the Double D’s. We call them Toaster and Buttercup!” Dang, if I had named my dragon something starting with an “A” we could have had “T & A.”

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  2. When I first started seeing my latest doc last March, the first thing I did was warily eyeball the sofa and ask him if anyone actually used it to lay down during session. He laughed and said honestly, it would freak him out of anyone did.

    My kid is fine sitting on it as it is near some toys. I’ll stay in the chair, I don’t want to be judged based on my ability to curl up properly into a fetal position.

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    1. Lol!!!! I’m so damn glad it isn’t just me who overthinks this kind of stuff. Then again, I suppose we’re bipolar and in most people’s eyes, we overthink everybloodything.

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