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How can you marry someone with bipolar?” he retorted. “My life is complicated. There are a lot of risks.”
“Every relationship is a risk!” I yelled. “Even if I married someone without a mental diagnosis, it could always happen later. There are no guarantees! Mental-health issues happen to anyone, any time. Bipolar doesn’t define you. It’s just a part of the deal. And it’s a deal I want.”
Loving my bipolar husband: Some days it’s terrifying. But there’s no one in the world I trust more

Can you keep a secret? Family memoirs break taboos – and trust. Memoirists who write about divorce, addiction or suicide can start important conversations – and leave families feeling exposed or humiliated. Where do you draw the line?

And while we’re on the subject of memoirs…

“My mothering and writing fell to the wayside for the next seven years as I suffered through seven psychiatric unit hospitalizations, took over 30 medications to no avail, and requested two round of electroconvulsive therapy which I credit with saving my life. I tried my best during those years to be an attentive mother to my young girls, but I was a depressed shadow of my former self most of the time. Despite my guilt for not being the mother I hoped to be during those years, all I can do now is prioritize my hard-won mental health stability and be there for my family as a present and loving parent.” A Successful Working Mother Battles Bi-Polar Disorder

Treating and preventing mental illness through your smartphone

The mood stabiliser drug lithium only works on one third of bipolar patients, new research shows, with scientists concluding that a person’s genetic make-up determines how they respond to the drug.

Plasticity for the proverbial win.

Preventing Bipolar Disorder In High Risk People May Begin With Neuroplasticity, A Natural Rewiring Of The Brain

And in the no-shit-Sherlock department…

Depression and obesity common among bipolar patients with exhausted stress system

BEEP beep!

Can Cannabis Help Treat Bipolar Disorder? Yes And No

Question everything, and add this to your toolbox.

Ask For Evidence – a public campaign that helps people request for themselves the evidence behind news stories, marketing claims and policies.

The last few articles in this linkdump are about suicide..

“A few weeks after I graduated, I tried to jump in front of a train”: My bipolar disorder nightmare

Though it’s a local news item, I found the next item interesting on a general/broad level.

Suicide: The One Word We Should Never Avoid. Local mental health professionals and volunteers talk about the need to rid the Jewish community of any stigma connected to mental health.

Oli Jones: ‘My dad killed himself – I just couldn’t do it to my kids too’: Suicidal father, 33, speaks with brutal honesty about depression to encourage more men to talk about their feelings.


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24 thoughts on “links. dumped.”

  1. I like the article on memoir and family secrets. I have hit upon a description of my current writing project as experimental memoir, because I not only want to keep my family (more or less) out of the picture, I want to keep myself at arms length – yet talk about my own real experiences. I haven’t decided how much of my bipolar history I will include apart acknowledging my two major manic breaks as pivotal moments in my process of self discovery/self identity.

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  2. When I go on my Post Hill Press book tour next year, South Africa needs to be a stop. ;)

    p.s. Can I bring Lucy? Hawaii has a superlong quarantine for dogs…unless you’re OBAMA. Does SA have a quarantine?

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  3. Beep, Beep! Put me into that study for marijuana and bipolar. I’ll fucking ruin their damn learning curve.

    The memoirs question is a good one. I always swap up names, places, and dates when I write something autobiographical. If family members read it and know it’s them, then so be it. I write under a nom de plume anyway. Not like any other person on the planet is gonna read it and know who I’m talking about. So if their conscious bothers them, what do I care? I had to fucking live through it. Anything I say is my truth and doesn’t deserve censorship.

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      1. OH yes! I can blast just about any learning curve, but a marijuana study? HA! I credit my daily smoking for my straight As when I went back to Uni. The only time I didn’t smoke – as a self experiment – I got a B on an exam – the only one on record after returning. Add my little hypomanic or whatever episode and I’m painted blue and howling at the moon! Let me loose on them!

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  4. Fascinating collection of links, blah. Of the ones I’ve read so far, the one about family & memoir was particularly interesting. As for the one about bipolar depression & obesity, I was laughing all the way to the cookie jar.

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      1. Hey, first-rate morning. Interesting article. You have gaineda different reader. Pleasee keep up the first-rate work and I look forward to more of your brilliant areoclts.Gid bless, .


      2. Do borderhouse readers ever make hunting parties for any of the Monster Hunter games? I am obsessed with MH3 and MHFU but have trouble finding a group of nice people to play with. I just got back into MH3 recently after a pretty long absence. I am currently HR94 on Tri and HR3 on MHFU (I know it’s sad, but Freedom Unite is so much harder then Tri >_>)PS I love everybody’s posts! ^_^ It is great to see people talking about gaming without crazy hostility.


  5. I’ve got lots of reasons to stick around. You are one of them. You’re more than “like” part of my family. You ARE part of my family. When life feels completely fucked up, you usually say something brilliant, hilarious, or wonderfully supportive, frequently this community encourages me even better than my own wife, kids, or mum. And THAT is why I love love love you. Too mushy? OK, you are a blessing to me. Too spiritual? OK, you rock. Thanks for being my friend. ~DM


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