we need to talk about charlie sheen

From “I’m not bipolar I’m bi-winning” to…

Charlie Sheen Concedes He ‘Might’ Be Bipolar: ‘I’ve Come This Far, Might as Well Fix It All’

[…] That prompts Dr. Oz to ask Sheen if he has “ups and downs” with his “emotional coping in the world.” The actor admits he does, but claims they’re “not as severe as they used to be.” He acknowledges that he’s been told he’s “manic” and has bipolar disorder (which he and Dr. Oz call a “genius disease)”, but says he doesn’t want to take medication and become a “Seroquel zombie.”

“It’s very common and understandable that someone may resist embracing a diagnosis of bipolar disorder,” said Oz. “Charlie offers us an opportunity to show the audience that with the right treatment plan, bipolar disorder can be managed and symptoms can be brought under control. We have excellent drugs that deal directly with its cause. Most importantly, Charlie’s experience can teach the world that with the right plan and bipolar disorder brought under control, true healing can then occur in all other areas. source

Sorry whut, Dr Oz? Cause? What cause? As for excellent drugs…. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH I’ll dedicate my next 25 side effects to you.


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65 thoughts on “we need to talk about charlie sheen”

    1. Ugh ja….. I never got past the lithium barf stage, a month of it turned out to be far too much. I hope you feel better soon and I hope that if not, that Dr Oz walks by just as you’re ready to projectile puke.

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  1. Oh, I call bullshit on that. *ahem* Anyone who can make a fucking career out of insane behavior and get TAKEN BACK by his peers can’t say jackSHIT about anything. I mean really. Could any of the rest of us do what Charlie Sheen has done and still get a fucking job? No. None of us could in any other fucking career on this planet. Fucking dickweed bullshit idiots.

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    1. The thing that interests me the most about the current Sheen HIV stuff, is the Mexican doctor who apparently injected himself with Charlie’s blood as a gesture of faith in his “cure”.

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        1. Check this out, from his website… It’s beautiful hahahaha….


          The Cure is Here. You Don’t Have To Walk For It, You Don’t Have To Run For it, You Don’t Have To Wait for Dr. Oz and Charlie Sheen to Find it.

          This brilliant man tried to end AIDS and cancer twenty years ago but had his work stolen and destroyed. He sued Cedar Sinai and UCLA attempting to get it out to the public.

          He won a unanimous jury decision for over ten million dollars, which was over turned by a judge married to one of the Deans of UCLA. On the way to his appeal, his car was blown up.

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  2. The comment section of the source material produced this gem
    ‘Sheen has mentioned taking Seroquel. I don’t blame him for hating the side effects. Give Bipolar people safe and effective medication like lithium Depakote and Lamotrigine. Antipsychotics should be a second or third tier drug. He is right, they can make some persons a living zombie.’

    Does anyone here feel that any of these medications are “safe and effective”? I know that some people do find these medications effective but a large population of us never see “safe” AND “effective”

    Couldn’t comment there…couldn’t set the person straight…way too pissed

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  3. I wish three things: I wish Dr. Oz would stick to his cardiovascular specialty instead of all the alternative medicine treatments. Everything he says on TV (he should stay OFF TV) makes him sound like a quack. And I wish Charlie Sheen and his smitten following weren’t collectively and individually batshit, but then, I wish the same for me. Oh wait, 4 things: I wish there were effective medical treatments for all diseases, that didn’t either murder or attempt to murder the patients.

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  4. Dr. Oz is such a fucking waste of air and space. That man has been sued for promoting his “safe” and “effective” alternative supplements so I don’t believe him. He is just a sensational media whore who lives off of other people’s misery and goes home and laughs it off. Fucking piece of shit.

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  5. I hate it when they try to candy coat it. Yeah, partly because if Sheen starts meds, he’s already in middle age, he may not spend as many years battling side effects as we do. I have Tardive Dyskineisa (see my videos on IBPF’s Youtube page under Tardive Dyskinesia or my IBPF blog “Move over, Movement Disorder) I have a weight independent metabolic progression of high blood glucose from Clozaril, which I take for Tardive Dyskinesia and also it’s the only second generation antipsychotic that doesn’t make me thrash, as tardive is directly linked to atypical and traditional antipsychotics from Geodon and Abilify to Haldol and Thorazine. I’ve struggled with my weight. My antidepressant makes me nauseated and it’s hard to hold it down. But it’;s the only one that works. So I hang out with a freshly lined trashcan at the ready. It’s projectile vomiting. I found out that eating a high fat dinner enables me to metabolize and hold down a 1/4 size of the tablet, so I separate it from all my other meds, take it right after dinner and then two hours later, if I have not thrown up, I take my other regular night meds. Ohhhh, the lenghths we’ll go to in order not to be depressed or manic.

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      1. On the plus side if there can be one, If someone currently famous like Charlie Sheen does start medicating for bipolar, maybe things can move forward quicker and there’ll shortly be a treatment that doesn’t try to kill the patient. I have to consider the story of Michael J Fox. He’s so well medicated you might not know about his Parkinson’s sometimes if you didn’t know. On the negative side I have to consider that Michael J Fox is not an ass hole, and he’s rich, which may in part contribute to the successful research and treatment for his particular condition. One worries about Charlie’s alienating style and his cash flow after failed relationships. But then, alienation almost defines our behavior patterns, doesn’t it? In real life I’m angry a lot, sullen a lot, would prefer to be alone a lot. And in real life, I think we’d all be better off if Dr Oz stays the hell away from us, unless we need a heart operation. Wait. Is that alienating?

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        1. You made a damn good point there. I think the major difference between MJF’s advocacy and anyone’s for bipolar, is that with physical issues, immediately the cure is the holy grail. For the rest of us it’s straight to a battle about stigma.

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      1. in other words, yes it’s a good thing if you’ve never heard of him. He’s almost as obnoxious as his comedic mockers. And the rest of O’s protégés. I can’t stand them and can’t stand the parodies of any of them, they’re not funny. ever.

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  6. I don’t know and it seems it’s not worth me even googling who the hell this Dr Oz is, but the stuff I read in that article about Bipolar made me cringe. It would be really really nice if indeed there was an easily fixable “cause”, excellent drugs that are no trouble to take and make you exquisitely functional, and so on. It would be nice, except it’s bullshit. I wish there was more talk in the open about the fact that realising you are bipolar is akin to realising you have cancer: there is a high probability you will die from it, but if you’re very very lucky AND have good treatment available, you may just make it to a relatively old age. And every year you didn’t die is an achievement in itself. If you can get out and about and function and be serene, that is a party every day.

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  7. Charlie Sheen, an addict, chronic doer of stupid shit and man who got fired from his own show, is a success story for bipolar? God help the rest of us. I don’t dispute that he may have bipolar but I do dispute the idea that he’s winning, and what’s all this stuff about “not becoming a Seroquel zombie/treatment that treats the cause” crap??? Does he mean the alcohol, the drugs, or all the parties where he had unprotected sex leading him to have no idea how he actually got AIDS?
    I’ll stick with the Seroquel, thanks.

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          1. HAHAHAHA he was sitting next to McGraw when she started yelling, “YOU’RE a doctor! and YOU’RE a doctor! and YOU’RE a doctor!!! The whole AUDIENCE gets doctorates, on me!!” And she had the money to buy them.

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  8. Seems more like a publicity stunt on Sheens behalf. I’ve spent most of my career being a completely idiotic, misogynistic fuck up and if it weren’t for the fact I got HIV I’d still be living my life not giving a fuck about anyone else. I need to gain some sympathy and a good excuse…. What’s the best way to do that? Get doctor oz who isn’t even psychiatrist oz, to diagnose me with a mental condition and that excuses me of everything I’m done, whilst implying that anyone who is a fuck up, must be completely mentally ill. Of course he doesn’t want to be on seroquel, he is a crackhead after all. Doctor oz is on the same league as Dr Phil, they aren’t doctors they’re entertainers, the more dramatic their shows are the better. They just shouldn’t be taken seriously.

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  9. “And, on the next episode of Dr. Oz, tune in as the brilliant doctor shows us seven natural remedies for bipolar disorder, all of which can be purchased through his website…”

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  10. Thus the reason I don’t watch Dr. Oz…or Charlie Sheen for that matter.
    My throat actually tightened as I swallowed back the bile as I was reading the article. Douche bags, both of them.

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  11. Even though Dr. Phil is as big of an idiot, another Oprah idiot, he actually has a degree in psychology. Snake oil salesmen, the both of them.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.

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      1. BA psychology MA experimental psychology Ph.D in clinical psycology. Retired his license in 2006 before starting his show, for entertainment purposes, not to counsel anyone.

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          1. I know. And there are many instances when he pretends he is counseling, like his Britney debacle, betrayal of her and her family by talking about it publicly to promote himself.


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  12. Wow, this sparked so many comments. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Mr. Sheen has bipolar and more than just a bit. I’m not sure how to phrase what’s going on in my mind. But when life is going well and your up and happy–really happy and energetic and witty and performing you don’t need meds because it’s all good. That is until it isn’t. And you say or do something really stupid and everyone backs away and you realize you’re too much of everything you don’t want to be. Maybe you can’t even leave the house or maybe you did and messed up your life–again. Because this always happens and it’s your fucking life and you had it figured out but now you need help. You’re crying out for help and willing to take anything just to feel better. Oh my gawd, it’s fucking miserable. So the story goes. I love my Integrative Psychiatrist who tries everything in her power not to prescribe meds while still validating the ups and downs and that I am capable of getting through the storms.

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    1. Celebrity ego plus substance abuse = a camouflage cloak of superheroically sensationalist proportions too. I don’t care, to be honest. His whole bi-winning thing…. Well it just seemed like a drunk and petulant tantrum to me at the time. And none of us need his wrinkled ass as a spokesperson, we need better damn medication. Hmmm.


      1. Hmmm, or maybe compassion that he has a mental illness. I don’t know why I’m laughing but his behavior is so bipolar with a lot of personality disorder. A lot of narcissism and antisocial shit going on. I’m just breathing in his pain because I get it. We are all a bit crazy just some more so than others at times. It ebbs and flows. He just gets payed a whole lot better. Getting attention for bad behavior isn’t a good thing.


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