Day 461



‘Parity of Esteem’ is best described by The Royal College of Psychiatrists as: ‘Valuing mental health equally with physical health’.
More fully, parity of esteem means that, when compared with physical healthcare, mental healthcare is characterised by:

  • equal access to the most effective and safest care and treatment
  • equal efforts to improve the quality of care
  • the allocation of time, effort and resources on a basis commensurate with need
  • equal status within healthcare education and practice
  • equally high aspirations for service users
  • equal status in the measurement of health outcomes.

At the Coroner’s court, when the (Honorary) Consultant Psychiatrist was asked why he did not have a conversation with me, the patient’s mother, about his diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder when he made that diagnosis , he said that was because the patient ie. Saagar was very averse to me (his mother) at the time. It is eminently possible that his…

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6 thoughts on “Day 461”

  1. A very complex ethical dilemma! It sounds like it did not turn out well for anyone concerned?


  2. Yeah, what is he talking about. “Drugs that deal directly with its cause” ….
    If he has no information or education about bipolar disorder, he should not be speaking as an expert.
    I know not what cause he speaks of….unless he means childhood trauma and abuse…which seems to be consistent on breaking people’s brains…..and I do not think there are drugs to deal with that cause….
    I like the way he says “WE have drugs that deal directly with the cause…”

    Did he invent the drugs? How is it that WE have drugs? Like he is narcissistically taking partial credit for the drugs…

    You know….the ones that deal with the cause that he pretends he knows what that is…..holy bat crap!


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