RIP David Bowie

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9 thoughts on “RIP David Bowie”

  1. I loved David Bowie when I was in college. I saw him in concert twice in Maryland. One was the Glass Spider Tour…very cool. I still remember dancing around the living room to his records on vinyl.
    I also love that movie Labrynth. I have watched it many times. He was so cool in that. And he was great in that vampire movie The Hunger but it makes me cry because the ending is so sad.

    RIP David Bowie….

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  2. Last year my dear daughter was teasing me because of how much I like him and his music. Fuck, I wish I had a clever thing to say, but all I can say is how much it sucks he’s gone. Everything he did was touched with brilliant Stardust. Condolences to Iman.

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