Let me pour you a link

“Please Do Not Downvote Anyone Who’s Asked for Help” – How Reddit is changing suicide intervention.

Pieces of Bipolar

Therapy wars: the revenge of Freud: Cheap and effective, CBT became the dominant form of therapy, consigning Freud to psychology’s dingy basement. But new studies have cast doubt on its supremacy – and shown dramatic results for psychoanalysis. Is it time to get back on the couch?

I’m going to destroy the goddamn universe with my irrational joy and I will spew forth pictures of clumsy kittens and baby puppies adopted by raccoons and MOTHERFUCKING NEWBORN LLAMAS DIPPED IN GLITTER AND THE BLOOD OF SEXY VAMPIRES AND IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME. Jenny Lawson

Thus spake The Bloggess early on in her book, Furiously Happy – a book which is peppered (or studded if you prefer) with things like, “Benedict Cumberbatch is like Alan Rickman Benjamin Buttoning”.

When My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind – a daughter recounts the difficult experience of getting her bipolar father the help he needs.

When Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder Combine


Love on lithium – “what happened when I told my girlfriend that I have bipolar disorder.”

So there’s this old school jrpg called Machine Knight that I played recently, which has a little side quest about ptsd. Get it on Google Play (the few in app purchases are barely noticeable, I didn’t purchase anything), it’s available for iOS too.

Thanks to Fryane for the next one..

And from rg..

In Praise of Defiance – Labelling someone crazy and difficult is a way to resist justice and change – and psychiatrists are complicit.



Cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia: a systematic review of meta-analyses

The Link Between PCOS and Bipolar Disorder

Changes in Brain Connectivity May Protect Against Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar drug turns foraging ants into scouts

A comprehensive analysis of NDST3 for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in Han Chinese

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10 thoughts on “Let me pour you a link”

  1. The stockpiling image at the top of the page reminds me that I called the hospital because I am short of pills until I meet with my doctor. According to the file (and the bottle of pills) I should have enough. So now the question is: are you sure you are not taking more than 3 a day? I can count to 3, thank you, but when the pharmacy filled 3 months worth I did not count to see if I actually had 270 pills in the bottle! And if anything I am ramping up to the edge of agitation with the danger signs that only my peculiar (read dull) form of hypomania could inspire. (“I should buy a new toilet!”) That is not an indication that I am taking too many pills. More an indication that real life is not giving me a break, it’s breaking me.

    Rant over. I’ll step down off the soapbox… Next!??

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  2. I loved the link between PCOS and Bipolar. I had a cyst removed from my right ovary-it was the size of a fucking golf ball!-and I’ve had to be on birth control to regulate my cycle because there’s an issue with my brain-you don’t say!-telling my fucking uterus to work right. I’m sure you’d LOVE to hear all about my last 3 cycles… I need that test done to see what meds are best for me. Do they have it in the states?

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  3. Give me the medicine, give me the treatment, but ultimately it’s hope that keeps me alive. And should hope fail, well I can fall back on my stockpile of medication, two shelves deep, and I can disappear

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  4. In a manic state I buy every book I can get my hands on about this disorder. In a depressed state I’m too dark and twisted to read them. Going to watch the TED talk. Thanks Blah.

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  5. Yes! I’ve been in psychotherapy (lite psychoanalysis.. am currently looking for a ‘proper’ psychoanalyst but they’re mysteriously invisible) for the past 5 months and found it much more helpful than CBT or mindfulness (tried them both), I’m almost a functioning being again (despite all the shit) and find that because it validates my feelings I get them out of my system instead of having them go round and round and build up… I will try and get out a full post on this because otherwise this comment will be really really long but I highly recommend the psychoanalytic model, in the face of relatives etc telling me “oh that’s the disproved one/oh that’s really dangerous/you should try CBT instead/wafflewaffleinvalidate…” Yeah it’s really dangerous to NOT feel suicidal isn’t it? We might all actually accomplish something… Anyway I’ve been told by 2 different psychiatrists in the past year that CBT is only for “low complexity” problems (such as anxiety or unipolar) and would be inappropriate for my bipolar/CPTSD mix so what the hell else is there??

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  6. Oh yeah, I did stockpile. I remember that feeling very well.

    Isn’t it weird? I’m on Reddit but I can’t go to r/SuicideWatch or even r/depression. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t fit in anymore or if it because I still fit in pretty well. I just can’t.

    As always, hugs!

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