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I don’t like to give credit to anything that’s dark or twisted like bipolar disorder: it’s a dangerous disease, statistics show that 1 In 4 people die from it by taking their own lives. But my doctor tells me that it’s a double edge sword – it’s not a good thing that I have it but I can be thankful because it’s a big part of my creativity. Beth Hart on how bipolar disorder manifests itself in the process of her songwriting.


Hating the sound of other people chewing makes me you special.

“I just want so badly to die,” I said to my friend. “I don’t understand why God won’t allow me to die. Or at least help me find a medication that works.” “No offense,” he told me, “but anyone in your position would want to kill herself. What you’re feeling is perfectly normal.” NORMAL. Huh.
Redefining normal: Are You Depressed, Bipolar, or Just Human?

Are ‘bipolar’, ‘depressed’ and ‘human’ mutually exclusive terms, one wonders…

These People Won’t Be Defined By Their Bipolar Disorder. Here’s Why.

Parts of me have always been and will always be defined by my neurobiological disorders.

Stop Trying to Stop Enabling Bipolar Behavior!

15 things you didn’t know about bipolar disorder.

It is there for life. Bipolar is a tough, hard thing. In boxing at least you can see your opponent. You stand toe-to-toe. They hit you, you hit them back. But with mental illness you can’t always see it. It comes from the shadows and all of a sudden ‘bang’, you are down. Frank Bruno fights back against bipolar disorder relapse and says he will win


What should we have known?’: A wife on handling her husband’s bipolar disorder.

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Star Taryn Manning’s New Indie Says Something Novel About Bipolar Disorder.

Thanks Fryane, for the following two links.

Royal College of Psychiatry Blog Zone

Therapist’s Own Treatment a Shock : Psychiatry: Martha Manning wrote in her book what she wouldn’t have disclosed in a job interview–her experiences with ECT.

Stephen Fry interview on Australia’s Lateline:

(Bipolar) Actor Who Voiced Charlie Brown Pleads Guilty to Death Threats

I used ketamine to treat depression

“I suffer from what I call pre traumatic stress disorder; I’m pretty sure something s*** is going to happen but I don’t know when.” David Feherty

Former Wichitan Finds Bipolar Disorder Life-Changing.

What Is Unique About Bipolar Disorder in Young People?

What are brain zaps?

The Bipolar Disorder Definition of “I’m Fine”


Human trials suggest ‘rescued’ drug could be safer treatment for bipolar disorder.
Brain patterns in ADHD and bipolar disorder (all research subjects were women)
Genome-wide analysis implicates microRNAs and their target genes in the development of bipolar disorder
Using ‘mood maths’ to understand more about bipolar disorder
Association between genetic risk scoring for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with regional subcortical volumes

Mayo Clinic: Psychiatric diagnoses are still based on criteria that focus on behavioral observation and symptom endorsement without corresponding biological validation. This contrasts with other fields of medicine, where diagnosis and treatment are often based not only on a sound clinical examination, but also biological tests based on validated biomarkers. Biological markers, or biomarkers, are quantitative measurements that provide information about biological processes, a disease state or about response to treatment (Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s Biomarkers Research Group definition). There is increasing interest in developing feasibility studies for biomarker identification in mood disorders.

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13 thoughts on “just another linkdump”

  1. The stigma also comes from allowing the mystery to live. The lack of open-minded discussion permeates in the rumors about some guy or girl who had a breakdown or an outburst.

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      1. The “discussion” around bipolar has exploded in the last decade or so. Makes me think of the sudden fascination with and focus on “trans”. But somehow the latter appears to have more respect (1st world speaking anyhow), an acceptable freakshow maybe. But when it comes to bipolar – let’s not forget both condition get DSM billing – no one “out there”, even as I found working in the disability sector, *gets* it. In the end they turn away and the bipolar sufferer ends up taking the bullet – real or metaphorical!

        And the stigma is increased, not reduced.

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      2. I think every time the news is reporting a (stigmatising ratings boosting crap story) there should be a counter story at the same time slot.Something like our local news does when a politician makes a political claim. They immediately do a fact or bullshit analysis on the claim. I think the public is ready to be educated. The question is who would be the best spokesperson. G-uno

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  2. Thanks for the shout-out, my friend.

    I love these dumps so – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you take to put ’em together. I was thinking today about how all your posts are truly entertaining no matter WHAT the topic, even the most gloomiest of topics, and I look forward to them more than any other blog.

    So I guess you get what I’m trying to express – these posts are goldmines of info., especially when they feature my BFF (I wish!) : STEPHEN FRY, M.D.

    Fryane with a special howl from Miss Lucy

    * Manic Depressive

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  3. I clicked on your link for Stop Enabling Bipolar Behavior. It is so strange to me that some people would use a term that has to do with addicts who need to stop , with mental illness symptoms.

    How can you “enable” syptoms of an illness by showing empathy and compassion for your loved one?

    I think these are just people who do not feel like bothering with you and they are using this “we have been enabling you” crap as a made up excuse.

    Still …it just sounds so stupid and illogical. Why don’t they just say….”We have more inportant things to do than to spend time with anyone who does not fit our model for who we want them to be”

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  4. I live openly, honestly and with accountability, as a bipolar. Over the years I’ve experienced I’m held to a HIGHER standard than ordinary folk BECAUSE of bipolar – I have to ‘prove’ I’m more capable, stronger, more intelligent before I’ll be accepted as an ordinary human being and not a ‘flake, crazy, loony’ etc. A single tear or angry word on anyone’s ordinary bad day but mine, are met with immediately consequence. Its as if I’m not allowed to have any emotions AT ALL. I am judged constantly, constantly, constantly, constantly. Stigma will never fade. Bipolar is at its most basic, a mental illness. And that’s pretty scary for the ordinary folk. They don’t want to be educated about something that frightens them. They want to pretend it doesn’t exist. So, probably I’m just a cynical old bag, but I don’t see the end to stigma – not in my lifetime anyway. And I don’t just pluck this opinion from the heavens. I base it on my own personal experience. As a cynical old bag.

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  5. And yes, you are human like the rest of us. We all have our quirks and some people just have a higher tolerance for mental illness. I am obviously one of them. It takes a lot to rattle me except when it doesn’t lol
    Take care of you and go but a drum it will definitely help you to appear more capable and intelligent.


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