Thirteen Thursday

I’m gonna start catching up on comments and on your blogs too. Sorry tribe, you know how it goes when the meds get tough.

Our Lived Experience


White cell count and therapy at the state hospital today. I hope I manage to stave off the anxiety for longer than last time, but it will, of course, be finite no matter which way it goes. I probably mentioned last week, that the weekly blood work is in honour of not being too seriously attacked by clozapine, which is an antipsychotic usually largely prescribed for schizophrenia. Nothing unusual there, most antipsychotics and anticonvulsants are also used as mood stabilisers too, without psychosis or epilepsy necessarily being one of the issues present. Oh the joys of meds. I still wonder to what extent euthymia (our holy grail) hinges on sheer relief that a meds cocktail sans crippling side effects has been found. I’ve had tolerable side effects for a few months – no, wait – I had tolerable side effects, but sadly that fact alone failed to turn me into…

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2 thoughts on “Thirteen Thursday”

  1. As I commented over @ OLE, I’d rather wait a month for a pithy comment from you than a day from any one else! Even Stephen Fry!
    Frying the 1st


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