Ward 13 & Clozapine

Meds, therapy and tears.

Our Lived Experience

It was a ward 13 Wednesday yesterday, for therapy and to get meds. Starting and titrating Clozapine, tapering off lamotrigine and sertraline and chlorpromazine. Weekly white cell counts for a bit, and ect next year. Therapy doesn’t generally happen well there, because it’s an understaffed department of a big state hospital, but we managed an hour with only one interruption today. Shrink one glowered somewhat and wrote a stern do not disturb note, muttering “let’s see how many idiots ignore this”.  A very small doctor tapped on the door and stuck her very small head in, to speak to shrink one about a patient. When she saw me, she said, “excuse me sir,” and shrink one looked at me and said, “she called you sir,” and of course the little doctor was mortified, despite my reassurances. I get called sir a lot, I like it. I do not give a…

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8 thoughts on “Ward 13 & Clozapine”

  1. Hi my lovely. I meant to comment earlier than today – please forgive me, as there’s stuff going on here.
    (As always, eh?) Life will get easier now that this fucking Thanksgiving holiday is almost over.

    Reading this post of yours, I wish I could have been there with you as part of your support team.

    Oh, how I want that ECT to zap your brilliant brain in January so that you never suffer this way again, dear one.
    I’m not totally talking out of my ass – remember Dr. Nuland, okay???
    And your humble friend Fryane’s ECT experience too.

    There’s real, honest-to-God, non-unicorn-farty hope for you.
    Lucy sends you slobbery smooches – the poor thing had a HUGE tick on the back of her neck that seemed to come out of nowhere. I plucked that sucker out and I made sure I got it all. Ticks are soooooooo gross, but after reading that post of yours about your friend’s dog, I know it could have been MUCH worse!!! XOXO to you & S.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry about the stuff, we never use the word for good things… And thank you for the virtual support, it still makes you part of the tribal team and you know I appreciate it a fuckload.

      Ticks… If they sell Seresto collars there, Lucy will never have another one.

      Thanks again Fry xox

      Liked by 1 person

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