This One Is For All The Tribepolar not in joy joy happy land


Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

The donor used to say, like, alll the time, “You just can’t stand for anyone to be happy.”

I could argue with that, not that it would do any good. Because even in bipolar land, there are those doing well on their meds and in happy places and while I don’t begrudge them this stability…


Yeah, if it took you less than ten years and five doctors to get your diagnosis and right meds and they’ve stuck…Good for you. But you’re just gonna have to reach deep down inside your happy fun ball soul and realize…Many many many of us haven’t gotten there and every time we are forcefed a joyful story about how “it’s out there if we accept that we are ill”…

Epic fail on that hellish road called good intentions.

I can be happy FOR those doing well…

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One thought on “This One Is For All The Tribepolar not in joy joy happy land”

  1. I went over there and it was an excellent post – I commented “Yes, thank you for writing this post very much!

    I wish sometimes my blog was anonymous because I have such horrible shit going on that I can’t write about – my Mom reads my blog, and if she read the truth of certain situations going on, then she’d call CPS on me. (I know I can create another blog that’s anonymous but I’m too exhausted!)

    In real life I only have two friends because no one understands the agony of bipolar, not one has a clue about my trauma from my 7 hospitalizations in 7 years, no one can possibly imagine what it has been like for me to try over 30 meds to no avail, not to mention the two rounds of ECT both unilateral and bilateral which pulled me out of killing myself but the unrelenting depression remained.

    Today the International Bipolar Foundation had the audacity to tweet a trite, sugarcoated blog post written by someone “grateful for bipolar”. (I hope I don’t offend anyone reading this; some people are grateful for bipolar and to each her own.)

    I had to delete the tweet I wrote because I didn’t want to make more enemies than I already I have.

    I relate best to my dog and my amazing blog community!

    I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, and for what you’ve suffered in the past.
    Once again, thanks for writing this post and I do *not* consider you a bitch but a kindred spirit.”


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