in flanders fields

Two minutes silence alone today, for my ancestors – the ones who died in the Great War and the ones who have died since, but always remembered their deaths, for my mother who made a pilgrimage to Ypres to pay her respects and for nextofkin and me, who are the only ones left to remember. For the many men who died at the whim of the few. For the South African soldiers who died at Delville Wood.

Thank you, Canada, for this beautiful poem and for the beautiful man who recites it.

Fuck war. Fuck death.


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15 thoughts on “in flanders fields”

  1. p.s. I went on Twitter to take a look-see at #shruglife, secretly
    hoping you came to the Twitter-fold -but alas, that wasn’t the case.

    Has anyone else mentioned this? (and I foolishly missed it in comments?)

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      1. Dag nabbit! I wish I could lure you to Twitterland, although I’m starting to get a little too triggered/stimulated/distracted by it. I’m still Facebook-free, which I’m very pleased with, BUT I think my brain now craves the stimulation of a constantly changing computer screen. :0000

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          1. That’s exactly how I felt with Freakbook (too stimulating in particular and too triggering for me as well) and I feel the same way with Twitter. I keep telling myself I need to break up with it. I need to write and not f’ing Twitter surf. :000 I went cold-turkey off Facebook, so if I can do that, I can certainly do it with Twitter. I wish I could not let the damn thing trigger me so much because it helps me feel connected to others, ya know? I’m pretty isolated up here. (MY fault, no one else is to blame for that) If I didn’t have Lucy to keep me company while the girls are at school and Craig at work I’d go truly bonkers.

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              1. I cut back dramatically on Twitter today. How? (I know you want to know, yes?) I unfollowed or muted or turned off retweets for those who I notice trigger me. i.e. bloggers I’ve supported by retweeting & promoting their tweets, while they obviously don’t give a shit about my stuff. These folks never return the favor even once by retweeting one of my tweets, or reading one of my blog posts. I know that this must seem totally petty and ridiculous to you – and it should.

                It feels GOOD to do this – to be proactive instead of feel like this happens to me! I’ll save time each day, and most importantly I’ll be less triggered. At least it’s a step in the right direction! :)

                Thanks for being there for me – you help me more than you know.


  2. It is good to think of anscestors from time to time. All different personalities of people with different dreams. All part of us somehow.
    Maybe some of them would have been good to spend time with….but we are still connected somehow.
    You did good to offer your respects.
    Annie 🌷

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