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I wish I had never got manic depression. When I was in junior high, I didn’t know what was the matter with me. It was as if I’d died or something. Now that I go to a clinic and get the right kind of medicine, I am not as depressed as I used to be. Daniel Johnston

Let’s kick off with a subject we can all get behind. The Problem of How to Be Depressed Online

File as WTF? Pharmacy Accidentally Distributes Bipolar Meds Instead of Candy

Um… Cryptic Pregnancy: Why Some Women Do Not Know They Are Pregnant And About To Give Birth. “Psychiatric issues. Those with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or another mental health problem may not be armed with the coping abilities to address the pregnancy and therefore ignore it.”

Next one up is a “No shit, Sherlock” kind of link, but the muggles need to read it and it’s good to see it on a powerful platform. Why does everyone wrote about stigma, early diagnosis and prevention, but not about better palliative care? The only people who touch that subject are the companies who profit from it. A radical shift in thinking on mental health issues.

Here’s a film I’d really like to see. I dislike the photo of Daniel they used – yes, he’s unkempt etc, but he’s also a sick man with more than a few thwarted dreams. Lana Del Rey covers Daniel Johnston track in short film trailer

And the original.

Here’s my review of the (earlier) documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

Next is a link from Fryane (thanks lots) – it’s worth signing up at Medscape (it’s free), they publish lots of good stuff. Martin Luther King’s Manic-Depressive Illness: A Source of His Greatness and Despair

The one that got away (from batshit $cientologist Tom Cruise). Katie Holmes on Playing a Bipolar Artist in ‘Touched With Fire’ (Exclusive First Trailer!)

Tiger Woods (idk what to say, I don’t speak golf). Golfer has learned to deal with bogeys, birdies and bipolar.

I don’t like Iyanla Vanzant, not one bit. I once heard her say to a victim on TV, “it’s just a feeling, pick another”. Fuck that and the bores it rode in on. Debi Thomas’ Life Failures May Be Caused By Bipolar Disorder.

Glenn Close is quite right. Glenn Close thinks there are too many destructive misconceptions surrounding mental illness.

Here’s one for the Canadians.. It looks at the subtheme of her bipolar disorder in context of the rest of her life briefly, but well. The Quiet Comeback of Margaret Trudeau

From New Zealand – Documenting health experiences

And here’s one from the snotrag level of press from my own motherland, originating from the University of Westminster. Brits view antidepressant medication as a ‘dirty little habit’.

The next article is, in essence, an account of how bpd is more serious than bipolar. I’d really love to hear your comments. Shared Traits of Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

A sweet anecdote from a bipolar lesbian. The moment that changed me – the kindness of a stranger in the pub.


Good to see people standing up for a bipolar victim of a police shooting. These savvy women have made black lives matter: the most crucial left-wing movement today.

New shine on an old chestnut. Music-making and the myth of the tortured genius.

This is a fairly standard overview, intended to focus on children, but it doesn’t do the job very well. Bipolar Disorder: what it’s like to shift between periods of mania and depression.

On a more comprehensive level, here’s a research paper, which you can view and download with no login required. You guys know that the first thing I look at is sample size and this one numbers 46. They tackle some things that haven’t been addressed much at all before. Early stages of pediatric bipolar disorder: retrospective analysis of a Czech inpatient sample.

Fuck the following article. Evolution Of Mood Disorders: New Theory Suggests Being Moody Helps Us Adapt To New Environmental Factors.

An interesting (but shallow) piece about the psychological examination of a criminal. Competency arguments being made for Chambers

For a change, this one isn’t a misuse of the term. Bipolar Disorder Market: Global Industry Size, Trends, Segments Analysis and Forecast to 2015 to 2021

I snore horrendously. Just thought I’d drop that in because I can’t think of anything to say. Why sleep could be the key to tackling mental illness.


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23 thoughts on “what are you linking about?”

    1. And yep, I’m crazy.
      And nope, no espresso yet.
      But the day is not over – it’s gloomy, rainy, and thunderstormy here, and
      I need expresso and chocolate STAT.

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  1. HOLY shit. They re-named “Mania Days” with Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison’s book title ” Touched With Fire”? I wonder how much $ Dr. KRJ got for that? ( I heart her so it’s okay if she got a lot of cash.)

    While I prefer “Touched With Fire”, the whole thing smells like one big Hollyweird
    sell-out to me!

    Here’s a sample of how I imagine the big mucky muck producers re-spun the title in the bored-room:

    “Mania Days” – oh, that’s TOO crazy sounding so let’s call it something hazier, something (take a moment to drink his kombucha with 14K gold flakes in it) that *COULD* possibly be crazy, but we’re not sure what the fuck it is! Plus, get this guys, it sounds kinda like a sexy porno too!!
    It’s – get ready for it….”TOUCHED with Fire!!!!”

    Liked by 4 people

    1. You’re such a pervert. It’s a much more poetic title, I wonder what the film will be like – I won’t have the opportunity to see it. Um. What’s kombucha? Lol porno…

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  2. I watched the trailer. As suspected, no cliche left unearthed. Even the two crazy lovers gazing at Starry Night! BRB have to vomit 😂 Thanks for the reading material, Blah, and good to see you back for a moment. Hope the sabbatical from solitude is going OK. Now must get back to my picturesquely disheveled lair of cosmic poetic frenzy lol. “Shrug life” is perfect, please blazon on a hoodie for me 😘

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    1. You are a strong, strong man, my friend. I can’t handle even watching the trailer.
      I really do think I’d upchuck! Lucy would be very afraid to see me in such distress……
      No offense to Katie, but even before she married Cruise I was not a fan…

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    2. Lol I agree completely about the trailer. And I’m a little fried from it all, but I’m OK. I nap when it’s too much. I wish shrug life was mine – it’s already on a t-shirt.

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  3. Have you checked out Charles Eisenstein? Facebook discussion site with theme title of one of his books: The More Beautiful World. Healthy nutritional environment. You might like people participating in this place in space.

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