free medication time

A bit more about the state hospital I go to.

Our Lived Experience

It was a ward 13 day on Wednesday and medication day too, it’s always wise to get there as close to 7.30am as you can.

ward 13 wednesdays

The pharmacy is full of varnished and uncomfortable benches, with pharmacists busy as honey badgers round a cobra, behind plywood and glass. First you wait in the front row until a very short and permanently pissed off woman calls and there’s a mad scramble of a queue to hand in your meds card. They’re bright yellow, A4 sized cardboard and mine was folded in half. “stretch it,” hissed the angry gnome, and I’m not joking about the hissing. “What?” quoth I in bewildered tones. “Stretch it,” she said crossly, and so I unfolded the card, now stretched back to its full length again and handed it over.

Once you’ve done that, you go and sit anywhere you like at the back of the rather cavernous…

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14 thoughts on “free medication time”

  1. This is weird – ever since the name chance the posts aren’t showing up in my Reader, although the settings remain the same. Am I the only one besides Jess this is happening to?


      1. I might complain to a Happiness Engineer – they have been surprisingly responsive to all my emails, and happy too! :0000 What the fuck are they drinking at work????? Some of that exotic SA juice? Hope you’re having a good time with your friend – thinking of you & S!

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              1. I love espresso I just limit caffeine because (and I know this will shock you) I’m bipolar. I’ll espresso my brains out with you though, and then we’ll go smack scientology around till it fucks off.

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                1. You got me to laugh despite an evil headache and being in a crap mood! Call yourself a superhero from now on! p.s. Um, you’re bipolar? Really??? I thought you were that *other* classification in the DSM -“blahpolar” 291.666!

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  2. “with pharmacists busy as honey badgers round a cobra” – this is just one measly example of why I want you to ghostwrite “Birth of a New Brain”.

    In the meantime, I’d love a Blah “Birth of a New Brain”-themed meme if something comes to you on one of your beach walks! Think of it as an early 46th birthday gift.

    p.s. I wimped out on designing the Cruisevolta Halloween $cientology costume – hopefully I’ll give it a try next year. Avi just found an incredible costume made completely of duck tape – perhaps I could use that to create the outfit.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll let you know if I have a vision for the meme! The duct tape costume I saw wasn’t a silver mummy, although I love that idea – it was a full-on princess outfit that looked incredibly realistic!

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