Metamorphosis Mondays Blahpolar Q&A: All Things Death

Me and the grim reaper. We’re like THIS.


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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

6 thoughts on “Metamorphosis Mondays Blahpolar Q&A: All Things Death”

  1. HeeHee I looked up my grandfather’s name because I’m from a big Irish family that takes it’s Irishness seriously. Even my Irish brother in law is crazy when it comes to his Irish heritage. So when I investigated the name I found out it really came from when the Vikings invaded Ireland and some of them stayed. So “Doyle” means “Evil Wanderer” and we are a mixture of Norse/Scandinavian/Irish. I want to tell my brother in law so bad! lol

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    1. I googled! You could tell him this one:

      Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Dubhghaill ‘descendant of Dubhghall’, a personal name composed of the elements dubh ‘black’ + gall ‘stranger’. This was used as a byname for Scandinavians, in particular to distinguish the darker-haired Danes from fair-haired Norwegians.

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