Stand back….I am about to Go Off about Therapists

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I have been thinking about doing a post about therapists for awhile now and then I was in the middle of writing out one of my shitty therapist stories for you when I saw a comment from Sandra about therapists and I thought okay well perhaps it is time.

Remember that all of this is my opinion and my experience.

I can see some of you are anticipating negative verbal spewage and are clasping your therapist’s business card to your chest thinking but I love my therapist….


I am not going to say here that therapists are bad and that therapy is useless.

Therapists CAN be good and therapy CAN be useful.

But as with all things the idea that it is as easy as just “finding a therapist” is bull.

The key here is finding a GOOD therapist.

And a good therapist is hard to find.

If you…

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4 thoughts on “Stand back….I am about to Go Off about Therapists”

  1. I’ve fond that the idea of a match works better, more often , than does the idea of defining and seeking an ideal treater for all patients. For me, the most likely therapist is none, as I’m far too talented at rendering them useless without convincing them to give up. So I found other avenues. The goal is to get better, not just to find a therapist, right? But that’s me, and I’ve found in so many ways I’m hardly typical. Of course, LOTS of us match that description, each in our own way. For that reason, tailored answers matter far more than generalizations, for many of the questions people ask about mental health.

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  2. True true. My current (latest?) one actually said that when I look for different ones I should first see if the chemistry is alright. Because I will never take a therapist seriously if there is no chemistry and, looking back at previous ones, he’s right.

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