so what do YOU link?

wpid-1444496648198-480x805.jpgToday is World Mental Health Day; I don’t actually have any (mental stealth perhaps), but to all the people who do – mazel tov, you fine and fortunate fucks! My other announcement is that I have given myself a surname and it is haasbroek. It means rabbit trousers (rabbitpants!) and it really is a surname. When Napoleon’s army occupied the Netherlands, Dutch people only had informal surnames with their roots in things like their occupations, much like Cooper, which means barrel maker and so on. Some of the Dutch thumbed their noses as Napoleon by adopting ridiculous surnames and haasbroek is one of them. My neighbour’s middle name, by the way, is Fokkerot – Fuck a rat. I kid ye not. So Diane said this thing the other day in my comments and cracked me up on a day I didn’t think I could laugh at all. Oh btw I cobbled together all the images in this post and as ever, feel free to grab any if you want to.

tribal wisdom
tribal wisdom

Before I start lobbing links at you, I want to thank you Dyane and roughghosts for the very, very cool links you mailed me. I’d be really delighted if anyone wanted to share the good stuff they find; if you have my email address (not the one starting with n, that one turned into a spamcatcher), use that, otherwise my contact form will work fine too. I’m featuring the fuck right out of the first link; I got so fascinated by it. I’ve decided to make my comments AS BOLD AS GOLD, MOTHERTRUCKERS, because I’m tired of putting them in italics. I don’t like italics, my profession forces me to use them. Brace yourself, there will be some bold thingies that have to be both bold and italic. Ye gods and little fishes, I may as well install comic sans. Sidenote: all words in caps lock on my blog are the fault and responsibility of Sassafrassasasscasmic, the Queen of Caps lock.

If you only click one link, make it this one, simply because it’s radically different from all the other links I’ve ever dumped. I’m not even slightly convinced that he’ll find a cure for mental illness, but I’m also not questioning the physical stuff. Indian yogis have been doing that sort of thing for many, many years after all. His motive for wanting to cure mental illness is good and the reason behind it is tragic.

The fecking link I’m urging you to click keeps going in circles right back to this post, though I’ve checked it numerous times. So here, completely naked without an html to its name, thoroughly tried and tested, is the fucking link: – “Wim “Iceman” Hof, the guy who endures freezing temperatures in shorts. “Wim wants to use his body as a laboratory and hopes his techniques will lead to a cure for mental illness and trauma.”

I read some science on the matter and an interview, but then the rabbit hole beckoned (damn that red pill). He did an AMA, which was, er, fascinating.

Q: Are you able to prevent yourself from getting a boner at will?
A: Yes, of course. Somebody tried to seduce me whilst I was naked outside and she was touching me. When I do my yoga, no one can distract me. I am completely in control.

Quotes - Wim Hof

And on a more relevant note…

Q: I am very interested in learning your method of meditation but it seemed pretty expensive online. Is there anywhere I can find a reliable introduction to it, like a beginners guide intro type deal? Also I was very interested in what you said in the video about your meditation being more effect then conventional mental health therapy with a therapist because I want to become a therapist and if there is a better way to treat mental illness I would rather learn that. Could you expand on how your method of meditation could help treat mental illness
A: The amount of money is relatively cheap. We also have a free online mini video course. We do research on mental illness, we have a full professional team for that. I have many therapists who are learning my method who come to see what I do. This method is revolutionary. People should take it up.

Then I got bored.

this is how i amuse myself.
this is how i amuse myself.

I absolutely love the next one up, I urge you to take a listen even if you feel intimidated by classical music. Srsly. Btw there’s a time limit on its availability.

Live from Wellcome Collection’s Henry Wellcome Auditorium, psychiatrist and concert pianist Dr Richard Kogan demonstrates how some composers’ mental illness influenced and shaped their music. In his first public appearance in the UK, Kogan’s main clients on the couch are Robert Schumann – perhaps the most troubled of all – and Sergey Rachmaninov, whose composing career was saved by medical intervention.

Thanks for that one, Fryane, and for the following one too, which will give you a good explanation for the previous one.

Music, Madness and Medicine: A Visit With Richard Kogan, M.D

And the man I call rough “why did I ever marry that bastard” ghosts, sent this one. Just the title made me salivate.

Cracking the skull open: Most of our organs can be treated as repairable machines. Why can’t we treat mental illness by simply fixing the brain?

“The mysterious, unfathomable gap between psychology and neuroscience bedevils not only psychiatry, but all attempts to understand the meaning of humanity.”

I was very pleased to read the next item, because I’d begun to feel as though I was the only emo on earth who wasn’t baying for Ted Hughes’ blood. The article contains evidence, not proof, but my opinion has never wavered. No matter how shitty a husband Hughes may have been, I reckon Plath was hard work too, and this quote says it all for me.

“Hughes did not kill Plath. Nor did the other man. Mental illness killed her.”

Sylvia Plath’s suicide note – did it name a final lover?
The received wisdom is that Sylvia Plath killed herself after Ted Hughes left her for another woman. But, as Jonathan Bate reveals, the story of her last letter changes everything.

Quotes Sylvia Plath

It doesn’t have Demi Lovato in it and it’s muggle-free too. Something worthwhile for mental health day.

People With Mental Health Issues Explain Why You Should Treat Them With Dignity: As most people with mental illness will know, dignity is something they receive in far too short a supply, whether that’s people making decisions for them or assumptions made about their mental faculties.

No dignity, no doubt baby.

I can’t even read the word ‘dubstep’ without thinking of that Stephen Fry clip where he says in his oh so plummy accent, “dubstep is my life”.

Quotes Benga

Benga: ‘Nobody wants to come clean, let alone an artist’ Last year, the pioneering dubstep DJ and producer was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. Now, he’s speaking out on mental health issues in clubland.

Rebecca needs to acknowledge the bipolar skills of beautiful empathy and amazing talents in bed…

“It’s hard because people don’t understand what it’s like to have this illness,” says Rebecca. “There’s no pattern to it and you can never predict how you will feel in a week’s time.
“Friends don’t understand when you bail on them and loved ones feel helpless. Oh and did I mention the guilt you feel with having to bail on your friends and making your loved ones feel helpless?!”
Woman With Bipolar Disorder On Why She ‘Feels Sorry’ For Potential Boyfriends.

Mhm the next quote sounds veeery familiar.

Nature or nurture – how about both? With my blue eyes bloodshot and wide, I read down the list of symptoms one by one. Tears wouldn’t stop streaming down my face. I had been awake for almost 48 hours, obsessively researching my freshly diagnosed bipolar disorder.

Here’s my take on research into bipolar disorder:
Yay we found another biomarker.
Huzzah we might have found something in the brain structure, but not really.
We have high hopes for a new drug that will give you a whole new and exciting array of side effects.
This topic requires more research.
Yay moar grants, suckers!

Scientists discover biological markers for bipolar disorder. According to the Siberian scientists, a change in blood protein levels may indicate a mental illness.
Israeli Hope For People With Bipolar Depression. The small Israeli pharma company NeuroRx is testing a novel compound of two existing drugs to quash suicidal feelings.
Deciding Which Bipolar Patients Need Antidepressants Remains Challenging.

Jeanne Goosen, South African poet.
Jeanne Goosen, South African poet.

Fuckwit of the Week

Klitschko: “Fury is a bipolar psychopath”. Dr. Steelhammer diagnoses Tyson Fury as being an insecure bipolar mess, but says he has the perfect treatment plan for him – which includes punching his face on Oct. 24th.

Bipolar and psychopath cannot exist together, surely? Illogical, because, you know, emotions. Thanks for encouraging stigma etc etc arsehole etc here we fucking go again. Not that I give a toss about boxing, but I hope Klitoris-chko loses that fight. Knobhead. According to other “news” items, both Romania and Malaysia are bipolar nations.

tribal wisdom
tribal wisdom

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38 thoughts on “so what do YOU link?”

  1. WOW! My noggin has come close to exploding with the kind shout-outs! Thank yee! Is the first one linking to somethin’ because when I clicked, nothing exciting showed up! :) And thanks for pointing out the Dr.Richard Kogan link time- limit!!

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  2. Dankie. Happy World Mental Health Ms blahpolar “Why did I ever leave that brilliant bitch?” haasbroek. A toast to you (sufficent to wash down that daily pile of pills). May you find some of that elusive mental HEALTH soon. xox

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  3. Blah Rabbit Trousers, front-teeth biting the Internet into pellets like pugs crushing sleep. (That was lame and w/o rhythm, sorries, brain lazy: brazy?) Thanks always for doing my research and judgment-making for me. Nothing to add except, obvs, the “experts” should all consult me before thinking, much less writing, anything. Ha. Oh, and on the subject of meditation, may I post a link? (Don’t know if this is lousy blog manners; feel free to delete.) These non-sectarian, guru-shunning, practice-based courses gave me great benefit when I was younger and willing to go without smoking for ten days; or talking; or making eye contact; or being apathetic. But well, if you have ten days to spare, a morsel of stability, don’t wanna pay a dime, and are fine concealing your meds (draconian, I know), there is hella benefit to be had, and quickly shed:)

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    1. Thanks for the words and link too – course you can post links, I don’t object to very much at all round here. I’ll be interested to read it, I do meditate, but I think perhaps I’m not serious enough about it or my headspace might be a little less cluttered.

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  4. I have so many accolades for you. This post required so much research and as usual you put your awesome spin in this. But, alas, I actually left the house for four hours, and came home an agitated mess, so now I can barely lift my head from the pillow. Stupid husband’s reply: “So you are agitated? That’s it?” Yeah. That’s it MotherTrucker. I fucking hate mentally ignorant people.

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    1. Holy fuck balls – I get the same thing *sigh* “So you’re irritable? What did I do?” Uhhhhhh – nothing, dickwad, just leave me alone – and get the kids as far away from me as possible too” – and then he doesn’t feed them and stuff, so I have to come and intervene, biting my tongue until it bleeds…. Fuckin hell!

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    2. I suppose we have to give the muggles some latitude simply because only bipolar people really understand bipolar people, but at some point the ignorance is just a total pain in the ass. I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only one who gets thumped into a kind of stasis by agitation. Stress and anxiety do that to me too. Oh and ten thousand thanks for the lovely compliment. Hope you feel loads better soon.


    1. I gotta be honest here, my taste in fonts is incredibly basic and boils down to clean lines and no serif. And of course, my attempt at wit would’ve fallen v flat if I’d used any other font name there. I get what you’re saying though, and no doubt a huge amount of the hate is purely because the hate comic sans meme has been out there for so long. I can remember being amused by it more years ago than I care to admit. You probs know this site already, but juuust in case you don’t


  5. Had to post the Ice Man’s story on FB. Just too fucking cool. Props to you for the link work! And I’m gonna memorize the ‘thank you for melting my brain’ phrase (I know; it’s Afrikaans, niet Nederlands. I see the difference and think I can make the change). I want to be able to whip that one out at will. :-D

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    1. Oh you can probably speak afrikaans already, it’s so simple in relation to Dutch. I think it’s closer to Flemish in many ways, well it’s definitely easier to understand when spoken than Dutch is. I’d love to know how to say it in Dutch btw.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. :-D I’m taking it to class on Thursday to ask the instructor. I THINK it’s very close but seeing as the idea is a bit more complex than saying ‘the woman walks to the telephone on the table’ I’ll ask a native speaker for help. ;) I’ll let you know what it is in Dutch.

        Cool to think I’ll be able to understand a lot when I finally visit. Just one of a hundred places I want to go to if the body holds out and the money can be found! And of course you’re part of the reason I want to visit. *sigh* Just to sit with you on your balcony and trash the neighbors. Oh, I’d like that!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m looking fed to hearing the Dutch version :) you’d probs understand every word of afrikaans. It doesn’t work the other way around due to the complexity of Dutch by comparison. A Dutch guy once told me that afrikaans is “Mickey Muis Hollands” lol. I felt like saying, well you can sneer, but it’s you buggers that started the colony and owned the slaved who created the language.

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          1. LOLOL! Micky Muis Hollands!! I want to go out and buy a tablet just so I can have you online while I’m in class. Keep you posted, and keep the instructor (docent) posted on YOUR comments. lol! Man! We’d get NOTHING done in class, just laugh, laugh, laugh!

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  6. On the subject of links… I’ve had this one bookmarked for a month or two as “Probably the Stupidest Bipolar Website in the World” : The page I’ve linked to is (as the URL shows) a page quoting water statistics, they think WATER can cure BIPOLAR. FFS. The rest of the site is just as stupid. They don’t even know the difference between Bipolar Disorder and Schizoaffective Disorder. Here’s another STUPID excerpt from their site (because reading it all will make you wonder how very dare they call themselves “bipolar world” when they clearly hate everyone with bipolar disorder) it’s a story about Benny the Bipolar Puppy: (this was accessed via cached, I can’t imagine why they took the link down after 15 years, but they left all the pages on the website, so I’d laugh at it before it’s gone from Google’s servers….)
    The treatment page is a total hoot as well. Here’s my favourite quote (I love being called “bipolars” as if we’re a type of animal): “Bipolars need to realize that taking medication for maintenance purposes is similar to that of a diabetic taking insulin to maintain health. Self medicating with alcohol or other drugs is common in bipolars and leads to mood instability. It makes long-term treatment of bipolar affective disorder difficult, if not impossible to achieve. ” On the “fuck off and die” scale of bullshit I’d give that site an 11/10.

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  7. I clicked on a couple of these. Thank you , as always, for sharing and doing it in a way that has a human touch.

    You fuckwit of the week post was hard to read. …meaning painful. Why do people just throw the term bipolar out there when they want ti call someone a name?

    Has it become the adjective of choice for people who are ignorant?

    Telling newspapers that you have decided someone is mentally ill and probably bipolar is…..well stupid. Where do these people get off randomly diagnosing others will illnesses they know nothing about?

    Why is everyone who has a violent outburst bipolar? Maybe they are a narcissist….or just pissed off at how annoying the person is?

    How has violence become associated exclusively with bipolar and why do these people think that bipolar means violence?

    It is disheartening and no wonder people do not want to be diagnosed.

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    1. I agree with you, although I seem to be able to shrug it off better when I’m not depressed. People can be so thoughtless, and it translates into cruelty. Sometimes it makes me angry, sometimes it makes me want to hide.

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      1. In general it irritates me when people speak about things as if they know about them when it is something serious that takes studying it and experience to know what you are talking about.

        If you don’t know about something like that you should not throw around terms and phrases.

        The fact that it causes stigma makes it worse. It is like slander of people they know nothing about.

        I also hate when people label one “type ” of group with qualities and characteristics as if the entire group is all the same person. It is no better than racial slurs.

        But in the end they are spouting off about things they know nothing about so they just look stupid.

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