you’re a piece of work, you’re a work of art,
wtf you doing in the shadows of my heart?
it’s like
who the fuck mentioned that the rent is low?
why is it when you’re around, my soul is slow
(tell me if you want to, but I still don’t know)
and so
you’re a work of peace, I’m a working tart,
wtf you doing in the shadows of my heart?
I know
you think it’s pretty, I think you’re wrong
I think I’m a word, you think I’m a song
(wtf is taking the apocalypse so long?)
I’m neither
you’re a resolution and I’m a fumbled start,
wtf you doing in the shadows of my heart?


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battlescarred, bright, bewildered, bent, blue & bipolar

19 thoughts on “anonymous”

  1. I’m usually not one for metered rhyme unless it’s song lyrics. In fact, as a poet I tend to not like a lot of poetry. This, however, is an exceptional piece. Great roll on the rhythm. The ABABA pattern works so WELL for you I’m gobsmacked. You gotta get this recorded…I imagine it would be PHENOMENAL spoken. Oh, well done! *standing ovation*

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    1. Wow thanks songwriter, that means a lot to me. I haven’t written much poetry for years. There were a few years that I must’ve been manic most of the time, I wrote fuckloads. I don’t have the bollocks to record it, I used to get asked to perform some at Johannesburg Pride and stuff, bit noooooo fucking way. Thanks lots matey.

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  2. I don’t know if it’s a new piece but I’m so glad you are writing pottery again. I’m not that fond of poetry but your work has quality. *insert mandatory nag about publishing* :P

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