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If you say you’ve had a nervous breakdown or things aren’t right mentally, people run away from you. They think you’re from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,’ you know. (Frank Bruno)

Business opportunity…

“She says she was prescribed the drug Wellbutrin for depression while in county jail and later in state prison. But, she says, she didn’t always swallow the drug as she was supposed to; she would sneak it back to her cell and snort it for a high.
“They call it prison coke,” says Erica, 28, who served a sentence for drug trafficking and other charges and later landed back in prison for a parole violation.
Wellbutrin, an antidepressant, is a psychotropic medication and as the number of mentally ill has increased in state prisons, so has the number and percentage of inmates who are prescribed psychotropic drugs for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other conditions.
But many of those medications may be abused for their “high,” sleep-causing effects or aid in sexual function. Some can be snorted or injected. The psychotropic medication Seroquel, for example, is known as “baby heroin”.”

Back to black: why melancholia must be understood as distinct from depression. “Clearly, melancholia needs to be recognised as a distinct psychiatric condition – not simply as a more severe expression of depression. This recognition could lead to improved clinical and community awareness, which is important because managing melancholia requires a specific treatment approach.”


“My own research (Williams, 2011, 2012) as well as numerous anecdotal accounts suggest that initially when a person enters into a psychotic process, their experience of the self and the world becomes highly chaotic and/or fragmented. However, those who manage to move through this process and experience successful resolution very often find that they arrive at an experience of self and the world that is qualitatively very different than that which existed prior to the psychosis. Many such people report significantly greater wellbeing and a more fluid, expansive and integrated experience of the self. For example, the participants of my own research who have experienced such a resolution all share the following common shifts as having occurred within their personal paradigms when comparing their experience now with what existed prior to the onset of their psychosis:
A significantly changed spectrum of feelings with more depth and unitive feelings
An increased experience of interconnectedness
A strong desire to contribute to the wellbeing of others
An integration of good and evil (feeling generally more whole and integrated within themselves; and seeing “evil” actions or intentions as simply the result of profound ignorance—especially as problems with constricted selfhood—rather than as anything intrinsic within anyone)
Appreciating the limits of consensus reality
And they all share the following lasting benefits (comparing their experience after the resolution of their psychosis to that which existed prior to the onset of the psychosis):
Greatly increased wellbeing
Greater equanimity
Greater resilience
Healthier, more rewarding relationships with others
Healthier relationship with oneself”
Can madness save the world?

Well the next article’s timing was perfect for me, given the fact that menopause is slapping me with a North Sea cod every chance it gets. After things like this –

“The average Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) score was 4.43 points higher in the late transition/early postmenopausal stage women (n = 29) compared to the early menopausal stage women (n = 15) (±SE 2.14; p = 0.039), corresponding to a roughly 10 % higher score (range 0–40) in the late/post stage across all study visits.”
Symptom severity of bipolar disorder during the menopausal transition, International Journal of Bipolar Disorders, Aug 2015

– the conclusion is that yes indeed, bipolar mood swings are more severe when combined with menopausal mood swings. Well knock me down with a chartreuse ostrich feather boa, how astonishingly unexpected. I’m over simplifying, there’s more to it than that, but not a hell of a lot more. I was far more fascinated by the next study right from the start. The title grabbed my attention, obviously and I always find content generated by Australia’s Black Dog Institute worthwhile.

“…there are currently no apps available for people with BD that have been subject to research evaluation to determine effectiveness.”
Mobile Apps for Bipolar Disorder: A Systematic Review of Features and Content Quality

Well fuckit. It did lead me to the world of Mental Health and Cyberpsychology though.


New Zealand: “An emotional hikoi lets families of suicide victims find peace. Five families. Five suicides that brought them together. From Whanganui, Rotorua, Tauranga, Waiheke Island and Whangarei, they shared their grief, stories and future during a unique hikoi to Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga) – a journey that will be now be turned into a movie.” (Hikoi is a Maori custom, it means march/parade.) source

Be wary of studies that link mental ill health with creativity or a high IQ (Dr Oliver Joe Robinson). “The idea that genius and madness are intertwined is an ancient one. But in truth, in this desperately underfunded field, we don’t even have objective tools to diagnose disorders of the mind, let alone back up claims such as this.”

“You were brave enough to speak on your struggle with mental illnesses and uterine cancer. How have these mental and physical issues affected your music throughout the years?  How has writing and creating your music affected you mentally?”
“It has always been a fight, within myself and with those closest to me. I work at a level most can’t comprehend, due mostly to my bipolar mania. It’s a driving force that is almost supernatural, yet very destructive if I stop taking medication or break sobriety. I have achieved so much success in my life, but the path is scattered with little painful failures because I have done awful things that are triggered by schizophrenia.
The visions I have. inspire my songwriting and this new album reveals much more about my struggle with mental illness. I was recording Static when I was diagnosed with Stage 1 uterine cancer. I chose to wait to have surgery until I finished recording vocals. There are a few songs where I was singing and crying at the same time. It was brutal. But now I am completely cancer-free after a hysterectomy.”
5 Questions With Jill Janus of Huntress

“If you wanna break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised,” croons Halsey on the opening track of her debut LP, Badlands.  Seductively delivered, it’s both an invitation and a warning as to what the rest of the album holds in store: a dreamy, moody electro-pop haze where the artist has translated her private thoughts and state of mind into thoughtful, relatable lyrics and catchy melodies.  Badlands (released August 28) is nothing less than a journey into not only the world of this twenty-year old singer-songwriter.  It’s also arguably insight into the current state of many members of today’s generation as they grow up, fall in love, discover their identities, and rebel against their preconceived boundaries.  Halsey (born Ashley Frangipane), with her brightly-colored hair, openness about her “tri-bi” identity—bisexual, biracial, bipolar—and charismatic, husky vocal presence, is the perfect tour guide.” source


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20 thoughts on “linkage may occur”

  1. I’m so happy I caught this article :) I just finished a post talking about the relationship between psychic abilities and bipolar disorder. The part where you were talking about madness equals genius .Yes! That is an ancient myth. Before my diagnoses, I thought I was psychic. Many others feel they are creative geniuses and some stay off their meds for that reason….they don’t want to lose their gift. Yeah, well how about losing your mind? Would you like that? Because all that creativity and psychic powers…it will come crashing down…and people with convince themselves that’s part of the burden of being psychic or creative when in fact they need help. Glad I’m not the only one out there who sees this! Thanks for the great post! :)

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I am gonna stick with my unfounded belief that madness is indeed linked to creative brilliance. Otherwise, I’m just a regular stock schlock writer as opposed to that “bipolar depressive chick who writes such emotionally charged drivel.”

    And damnit, every time I try to get near the water, this linkage thing happens…Oh, wait, that’s shrinkage and I’m not a dude…

    Brilliantly mad, I tell you, I am brilliantly stark raving mad.

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      1. Shrinkage is from an old episode of Seinfeld when the men were discussing the effects of swimming in ice cold water on the size of their genitals. “I just got out of cold water, I’ve got shrinkage, this isn’t what I normally look like…”
        That type thing. I still find it funny.

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  3. I was also caught by that list of symptoms preceding psychosis. Sounds like hypomania ramping up for a full force manic blow out with psychotic symptoms. Been there. At the same time I do think that mild hypomania AND/OR depression can contribute to creative energy for many of us. It’s maintaining the right balance of stability, insight, and spark that gets tricky.

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    1. My psychosis always presents in such mundane ways compared to most peoples’. Well no, that’s actually altered recently. I agree about the creative energy and frankly, there’s no doubt that we have more intense emotions, so why on earth wouldn’t the creatives amongst us be equally intense about art? Grmf.


  4. I read the one about the apps very recently and it baffled me that people really expect an app to fix bipolar, and at the same time totally explained the tale of woe I’ve been having with finding a mood-tracker worth a damn.
    Also while creativity and madness may not be linked, I think our definition of creativity being an otherness to the usual thoughts and feelings that normos have is what has linked the two. It’s the same thing that causes them to constantly invalidate our thoughts, feelings, emotions – creativity is just difference to others made tangible for others to experience, and that difference is what’s at the heart of madness, so really they’re just different words for the same fundamental thing, it’s just how it’s expressed differs. At least, that’s my view. But then I’m a crazy person so what do I know?

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