Adolescent Suicides in SA

In the run up to World Suicide Prevention Day 2015, here is the saddest and bravest article I’ve read in a long time, about a mother’s loss and her determination to advocate for change.

RIP Nkanyezi

This is from the South African Bipolar blog, I’d really appreciate your comments, likes, reblogs – not for the sake of ego, but to raise the blog’s profile. We’re horrible short of online resources here and we really need to get it out there. If you know any South African, or in fact African people with bipolar, we’d be incredibly pleased if you introduced us. Thanks in advance, and thanks for putting up with my regular pleas.

Our Lived Experience


“When people ask me why Nkanyezi chose suicide I tell them he is the only one who knows,” Magubane tells me. “I have learnt to live without these questions being answered. I can only make assumptions.” Fikile Magubane


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