a poem about suicide


You might have noticed I’ve been posting about suicide every day lately – I’m going to be doing so up to and including this Thursday, which is (as you know and I keep saying) World Suicide Prevention Day. What’s more, I’m going to say the following two things every day as well. Visit the Meds Cocktail Party on the 10th, and at 8pm, light a candle within view of a window, to honour our dead and give hope to the living. But wait, there’s more… I’m not going to be 100% tedious and repetitive. Today you’re getting a sad, sad poem about suicide that you’re under no obligation to like – or even to read. You probably know it already, but with ee cummings, the thing to do is to relax into the rhythm of the words so that the story comes to you, rather than  you chasing the meaning. And I was thinking you might want to join me in lighting a candle on your blog on Wednesday as well as doing it for real.

in a middle of a room
e.e. cummings

in a middle of a room
stands a suicide
sniffing a Paper rose
smiling to a self

“somewhere it is Spring and sometimes
people are in real:imagine
somewhere real flowers,but
I can’t imagine real flowers for if I

could,they would somehow
not Be real”
(so he smiles
smiling)”but I will not

everywhere be real to
you in a moment”
The is blond
with small hands

“& everything is easier
than I had guessed everything would
be;even remembering the way who
looked at whom first,anyhow dancing”

(a moon swims out of a cloud
a clock strikes midnight
a finger pulls a trigger
a bird flies into a mirror)

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9 thoughts on “a poem about suicide”

  1. My building has this code where I can’t light candles by window. But I’m a crafty bitch and will draw one with glow in the dark paint and keep that shit lit on that night.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I never read this poem. It is hauntingly beautiful and terrifying all at once. I will have to read more of this poet’s work.
    You always know just the right poem or artwork to post.
    Your candles meme is lovely.
    Perfect post.

    Liked by 1 person

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