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First up, astrology. If anyone finds my eyeballs please send them home, I think I just rolled them right out of my head. (Yup, it’s snark week again folks.)

I was diagnosed with bipolar III (also known as cyclothymia) a while ago, and I was wondering if there are any indicators of that in my chart, or signs to look out for in other people’s charts. My phases are especially rapid-cycling and are mostly depressive with a few hypomanic states. (Before anyone asks, yes, I am on a wonderful medication that has evened me out greatly.)”

BRB checking my diagnosis using a crystal dowsing rod soaked in fairy urine.


I really like the following story. There’s no bollocks about speculative posthumous diagnoses for one thing; active service during WW1 causing PTSD is more than plausible. It’s also a respectful way to remember the man, to write him back into history with dignity. Using it to raise awareness is laudable too. Well done Canada, this project is impressive.

Zephyr veteran Samuel Sharpe to be remembered at Canadian Parliament. Story of World War One, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide forgotten by history.

I like this very much too.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial: In memory of Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Simpson Sharpe, May 25, 1918, Montreal, Québec.



This one is brutally and yet beautifully written, it’s well worth a read.

Lessons I Learned From Living With Bipolar Disorder: For me, living with bipolar disorder is a constant battle of finding the balance between light and dark. By that I mean there is a darkness inside me that lurks behind the shadows, and when it decides to return it is relentless in its torture.

Beyond tragic..

How I Survived 2 Suicides In My Family In A Year: When my husband was in his mid-30s his behavior started changing. I didn’t understand at first what was happening but his behavior over time became more erratic and paranoid.

This is great, it’s written in an unselfconsciously joyous way despite the subject matter. It’s written in a way that tells you that the writer is a very cool human being.

Philippines: What do you say to a depressed person? Being beautifully bipolar can be messy sometimes—we do things we shouldn’t do, say things we shouldn’t say. In our depressions we push people away, try to save them from being engulfed in the darkness that has consumed us. This mood disorder causes us to do a whole lot of sh-t we shouldn’t do. If you are also beautifully bipolar, you understand.

Ireland: Battling Bipolar Disorder: ‘I would go to bed at 7pm, cry and dream of better days and think about suicide’. Bill Fitzgerald has a sometimes challenging mood disorder. But, he tells Joy Orpen, he is now living a near normal existence, thanks to the complementary therapies he uses in conjunction with conventional medication

A very disturbing and sad read…

Living with My Mother’s Mental Illness: When I was younger, I managed to transform myself, to be stronger and more patient, so that I could be a custodian of her dreams. Somewhere in the process of my own maturation, I realized that obfuscating my own happiness for hers would never end happily for either of us. My identity constantly shifted because of her, oscillating between the two halves of me — the one that was trying to please her and the one that was trying to live.

He finally cracked the mystery of his mental illness. See how he’s using music so others can, too. Mike Caesar is using his musical medicine to help others struggling with mental illness.

“Maybe my faith is bipolar,” muses Diana Rasmussen in yet another example of assholery. Bipolar weather, governments, economies, faith… The annoying thing though, is that it all works on a semantic level. The problem, of course, is that the word ‘bipolar’ does not instantly call electricity or pure duality to mind. It’s us. Getting dissed. Again.

SHUT UP DIANA RASMUSSEN! Okay yes Frank, proceed. You have every right to say ‘bipolar’ any time you like.



Thanks for this one, Fryane.

Jaime Lowe’s GRAND DELUSIONS is based on her NYT Magazine piece, “I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium,” and explores lithium’s mysterious but powerful effect on mental illness, its controversial medical history dating back to ancient Greece, and its unique categorization within the world of pharmaceuticals, all through the lens of her own experiences on and off lithium during a twenty-year struggle with bipolar disorder.

Suicide attempts and love affairs: Sinatra was his own worst enemy. Having updated his biography on Ol’ Blue Eyes, J Randy Taraborrelli reveals explosive new details on the star’s suicide attempts, love affairs and doomed marriages.

“Barefoot to Avalon: A Brother’s Story,” is a riveting meditation upon a family’s accursed history of mental illness, failed marriages, ruined careers, violent suicides, and Payne’s own potential complicity in his bipolar brother’s death at age 42.

Accursed. Probably a politically incorrect word or something, but I like it and I think it’s a bloody good description.

Canada: Mental health struggles fuel Biasotto’s writing. “Bipolar disorder runs in Linda Biasotto’s family, but for a long time she didn’t know it. She didn’t know it when her alcoholic and undiagnosed father terrorized their family throughout her childhood. She didn’t know it when depression drove her teenage son to suicide. She didn’t know it when she overdosed on sleeping pills and booze in an attempt to end her own depression. And she didn’t know it in 2001, when she was finally diagnosed with bipolar II disorder.”

Australia (Audiobook) Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: How to Manage Your Bipolar Symptoms, Become Stable and Get Your Life Back. Written by: Sara Elliott Price, Narrated by: Angel Clark.


iBipolar: (there’s always a worm in the apple)

Articles about gaming and mental illness come up frequently and I always enjoy them (even though I haven’t gamed in ages). 

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis: Could Video Games Help Treat Mental Illness? Research Suggests Yes (Audio)

This is just stupid. I’m all for apps to track moods, remind you to take your meds and so on, but in terms of learning about and managing bipolar… No. Just no.

Bipolar disorder apps fall far short on safety and evidence-based practices. A study published this week has found that the vast majority of currently available apps for bipolar disorder fail to follow accepted clinical guidelines for education & management. Some even include patently wrong and potentially dangerous information.

Using health apps and smartphones to treat anxiety, does it work? The answer: it depends.


This is the most intelligent and witty interpretation of the bipolar bear trope that I've seen thus far.

Info & Discussion:

Psychiatry is reinventing itself thanks to advances in biology: A REVOLUTION is under way in psychiatry. The science underpinning this discipline has in the past shifted from psychology to pharmacology, and now it is changing again. We are starting to build it on genomics and neuroscience, thanks to advances in DNA sequencing and functional imaging.

High childhood IQ linked to bipolar disorder later in life: Is bipolar disorder the price humans must pay for creativity and intelligence?


9 things your brain fog is trying to tell you. Ryan’s recent research found that the fuzzy thinking cited by people with depression or bipolar disorder actually shows up on brain scans. In the study, women with these conditions struggled more with a cognitive test than healthy women. The same area of the brain was active in all the women (since it’s known to pitch in when you’re taking a test), but women with depression or bipolar disorder had unusual amounts of activity (either too much or too little) going on in that region, she says. Not only does that mean bipolar disorder and depression may not be as different as science once thought, she says, but also “at a neurobiological level, it could be that the brain works differently” in mental health patients.

Researchers report biomarkers and apps that predict risk of suicide
Sociology of mental illness presentation.
Harnessing Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression: Making the Rollercoaster Work for You, by Tim Ferriss
Malaysia: Need to address misperceptions of mental illness — Dr Subramaniam


Psychosis and violence are not really linked together, study finds. Television has perpetuated the already classic image of a violent, psychotic criminal, up to the point where we basically associate the two. We often tend to think of violent people as psychotic, and psychotic people as violent. But as a new study has found, that’s not really the case: there’s no strong correlation between violence and psychosis

Canada: EEG study aims to predict psychosis eh.

And the Lancet says erm…

Improved identification of people at risk of psychosis: is it value for money?

Thanks rg, for the next link.

Video: Madness made me. Have mental health diagnoses lost sight of the actual human beings they seek to treat?

For some teens, running away is an attempt to escape mental demons: “When people have severe mental illnesses, wandering is one of the things they do,” he said. “There is something about these disorders where people wander, and wandering is bad news.”

Chelsea O’Donnell Wasn’t Taking Her Medication Before She Went Missing: Why Do So Many With Mental Illness Stop Their Meds?

I have another question, while we’re on the subject. Why Do So Many With Mental Illness Not Get Any Meds In The First Place?


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27 thoughts on “linking park”

  1. I blog for love and speaking of amour,
    I looooooooove me my blahpolar linkdumps!!!
    Thank you for compiling them so I can get my dump-fix.

    Can you tell I’m still tired?

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    1. Hmmm, it’s a 3 espresso comment, if I’ve judged it right… One of those times when I adopt a concerned facial expression and cautiously as if you might be just a tiny bit hypo. In other words, yes it’s clear you’re tired.

      Liked by 2 people

          1. Thanks, my friend. Me too…I’ll let you know how the hospital visit goes – you know how I like to use my blog as my brain’s vomit bucket! In all honesty it truly helps me to blog about it and to get your support….xoxo

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            1. That’s what blogs are for. Except when they aren’t. But ours are.

              Don’t be ashamed of your fear, it’s there for very good reasons;true courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Strongs, Fry.

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  2. Brilliant compilation of links.

    I love the fact the 60’s style poster is straight to the point. “Take your Prozac today”.
    The story about survive two family suicides is so sad, but amazing how some people find a way to cope.

    I would happily use ‘Gaming’ as a type of medicine, especially as I could play online all night, when I can’t sleep !

    Thanks for the share. xx😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have used various excuses for gaming so often in my life. Years back, I read a book about second life, which had a chapter on a facility for people with various issues, who had a democratically created character on it and used it, under supervision, to learn social skills. Yup, I used that chapter as an excuse for years, even though I’ve never played second life.


  3. I just read your link about the apps. I was pretty shocked to know that one of them recommended whisky at bed time to control mania. The other one was worse that advised people not to do too much talking about their depression to relatives lest they pass their contagious disease of bipolar to their loved one. What the hell?

    For some reason I assumed that people developing apps for bipolar disorder were knowledgable about it. Silly me. Lots of psychopaths running these companies . They care about their money and not about integrity or danger to the consumer.

    I liked the bipolar bear painting.

    I have some thoughts about the relationship to IQ and bipolar article but will have to organize them and do a little research before I write them. I will keep it on the post back burner…back burner for a post….something or other…

    I am getting too tired now…nice read….thank you…

    Annie <3

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    1. Stupid as fuck, right? There are simple ways to create apps online, you could make one for your blog if you wanted to, anyone could.

      Mate…. You know there are different kinds of psychopaths, right? People can have the relevant brain structure and turn out very different. And the deciding factor is trauma. Maybe we need more descriptors than ‘psychopath’, the negativity is unfair on those whose tendencies don’t turn destructive.


  4. Hey I like that Freshly Depressed meme you made although my 12 year old daughter tells me I sound old and out of date by using the term “meme”

    She said to me “mom, nooooo one uses that word these days” But when I asked her what the new word was she said she was unsure if there was one.

    The 12-17 year olds seem to decide these things. I actually watched a Ted Talk about language and how new words come about. She said that most new slang and words are invented by girls between 12 and 16.

    I think maybe they are always talking so much that they run out of words and have to add new ones. LOL.

    No I am just kidding about why they make new words….but not about the talking so much….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Freshly depressed made me smile and then I felt shame….no, not really LOL
        I have to sleep. I can only write on your blog right now because I have no filters activated right now. God knows how many ways I could offend someone….

        It is just like that sometimes.

        I did just write something on some guys blog but only because he looked so hot in his picture…

        You see??

        No I did not tell him he was hot but I did have to wipe the drool off of my phone. There are not too many bloggers that look like that. Anyway I think I wrote something nice. I checkef it before I hit post.

        What was I talking about ? I dont remember anything except the beautiful man….

        Oh the meme. Well if the kids have decided it is not a word but not come up with a new one then we will have to call it…” The thing formerly known as meme”


        Liked by 1 person

          1. Under sexed and over silly.
            Glad I could make you smile ☺
            for a little while☺
            bipolacons would be half and half☺tomorrow I will draw some to make you cry and laugh☺
            the time to rhyme has nearly passed☺now I will dream of the cute man’s ….face☺

            Liked by 1 person

              1. The passed is past and the face is assed. And now I bid you adieu as I exit the dieu.
                I will close it behind me but don’t be too lonely.
                I shall speak to you soon sometime well after noon.

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  5. I will finish going through those links later, I still have a head injury and it hurts when I think too much (actual WTF). The mother/daughter one could have been my relationship with my mother. I guess that’s why I went so very manic and happy when she died then plunged into the mixed state I was in for 8 months. Also astrology is FACT. Like, empirical studies have PROVED that the celestial bodies influence our lives!!!!1 For example, when the sun is out, we are awake, and when the moon is out, we are asleep, and insomnia is caused by a misalignment of our inner stars with the celestial bodies in the universe. QUICK CALL AN ASTROLOGER I CAN’T SLEEP (they start talking, I may actually nod off, it’s another false positive for “science”)!!!111ONE.

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  6. 2:36 The lines have been drawn… ROFLMFAO Please don’t put a voodoo hex on me, I don’t want my ass to literally fall off. Tell me more about why a reference to bipolar faith offends you, because I think I made a reference while trying to figure myself out, just thinking out loud once. I’m still trying to figure myself out. The gauntlet has been thrown. I have my ups and downs and during those, I feel like I actually believe more, or trust less, and I only meant it as a confirming identification. I didn’t mean it as a slap in anyone’s face. Sorry for the apparently offensive speculation, I also didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition. Be gentle with me, I’m a tender delicate flower.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Big Bang Theory is great. I’d totally forgotten the bipolar faith thing and so I reread my post till I found it. My issue with her describing her faith as bipolar is exactly the same as those who describe weather as bipolar. I’m not fond of people who don’t have the disorder using it in a really casual and simplistic way. I don’t have issues with anyone’s faith at all, I’d be daft to get pissy about things nobody can prove. Nobody can prove my beliefs either. *pats your leaves and moves you to a gentler sunbeam*

      Liked by 1 person

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