bipolar: great in bed, difficult to live with


Here you go kids, a bipolar sex linkdump.

A period of lewdness and shamelessness exists with the highest type of [manic] delirium. – ARETAEUS OF CAPPADOCIA (c. 30-90 AD)


Bipolar disorder and sex: It’s time to talk about this emotional minefield. We’re often told love is a form of madness – but what if falling in love triggers mania? From improved sleep to alleviating stress – the health benefits of regular sex are now commonly accepted. Now imagine if wanting more sex was a sign that your neurochemistry was out of balance, and your mental health was at risk? That’s the situation faced by thousands of people with bipolar disorder.

The impact of bipolar disorder on sex. For those with bipolar disorder, the mood swings and the complications of treatment far too often push these normal tensions to extreme behavior and dysfunction. Mania often leads to hypersexuality and, for some, sex addictions. Depression and medication side effects can kill libido bringing sex to a grinding halt.

The Whole Bipolar Sex Thing: In evolutionary terms our genetic future is too important to entrust to the thinking parts of the brain. Perhaps we engage in sex with greater intensity than others. Perhaps not. But what seems plausible is that we experience greater subjective feelings of intensity. Whatever is going on, our brains are reacting like photo-sensitive paper to light. This intensity carries over to feelings of attachment. At once, we are euphoric and obsessed and anxious – the kind of feelings “normal” people have when they are in love. But can we truly trust our own feelings? Are we really in love, or is it our brains simply running away on us?

What’s a normal sex life with bipolar? Well now. If I were to tell you about what it’s like to have sex with me it would probably involve more panting, smacking, scratching, screaming, gnawing and clawing than your average person. But that’s me. That’s just how I roll. It’s not necessarily indicative of the bipolar population as a whole. (Natasha Tracy)


Manic people are not embarrassed talking about sex.  It’s the doctors who are… Opening the door on hypersexuality

Bipolar Disorder & Sexual Health: Sexuality can swing back and forth with the mood changes of bipolar disorder, but our sexuality expert offers tips about what you can do to maintain a healthy sex life.

Bipolar Disorder and Sexual Health: things people with bipolar disorder can do to prevent erratic sexual behavior and avoid jeopardizing their relationships.

What’s sex like with bipolar disorder? For people suffering from bipolar disorder, their sexual activity level and overall sexuality can be affected. They often face reduction or loss of sex drive during depressive mood swings, and hypersexuality during manic episodes. This can cause problems with the individual’s self esteem as well as in their intimate relationships.

Screw, spend, sleep: My battle with bipolar disorder. When the mania kicks in, I’m ready to conquer the world — on no sleep. Then comes the crash, and I can barely move

Sexual behavior in women with bipolar disorder. The results of the present study suggest an increase of sexual interest in patients with BD I as compared both with BD II patients and healthy controls.

A very common symptom in maniacal conditions is erotic excitement. This varies from mere coquetry, a somewhat extended application of the command “love one another”, an undue attention to the opposite sex, and so forth, up to the extreme of salacity, when the mind is wholly occupied by the urgent sexual appetite, and all restraint is abandoned. – DANIEL HACK TUKE (1827-1895)

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55 thoughts on “bipolar: great in bed, difficult to live with”

  1. Yep, that is very fucked up too (pun intended). I won’t even go down this path, I’ll keep nice and quiet about this one. But I’ll reblog it so it stays on my own blog too for my own future amusement. Sigh.

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          1. Ah yes she is a “babe”. As her gay male wingman I had to fight off more than a few unwelcome advances. One never really knows what lust a neighbour may be harbouring….

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            1. I would almost kill to be her lesbian male wing man, or perhaps even closer than that. Wait, they were making awkward advances on you? Or were you securing her perimeter? I’d love to secure her perimeter iykwim… ;) And she knows it.

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              1. Maybe we just shlepped around looking like a dysfunctional old married couple ruining our chances with any prospects of our preferential genders. Don’t know, it worked… neither of us got hit on. Not that she lives in a hotbed of potential sexual activities….

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                1. I suppose our chances would’ve been better if we’d spent less time engrossed in conversation and more time batting our eyelashes at the prospects. But fuck that.

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  2. Being with someone definitely induces mania. I’m more manic when dating that not. Sex is one of those things for me where I don’t fit the society. It’s now becoming worrisome so I’m bringing it up at my next appointment. Damn past trauma that I can’t remember ruining my banging.

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  3. Is that what makes me tell my dear wife to please try to keep up… and explains why sometimes she can’t? I’m “hyper.” Sigh, another thing I’m doing wrong. Shit. Well, at least so far all I really want is her. So there’s something to be grateful for.

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  4. Hypersexuality during a manic episode was what made me uber popular in relationships. Unfortunately when the depressions hit and I wore the same clothes for days on end and growled if looked at sideways…that wasn’t perceived as sexy.
    Go figure.

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  5. The sex part of Bipolar for me only came when I was manic and drinking. There was a ritual. First the mall, then the salon, the liquor store and to where ever I was drinking that night. I even thought if I didn’t shave my legs it would stop my behavior. lol Nope. Unfortunately this happened often and I don’t remember all of it. I was drinking up to a case of beer and a pint of anything a day by then. The need to prove my worth was strong and in my warped view I also thought it was a way to get someone to love me. Sober 6 years and Celibate 7 years. The next time I’m with someone I would like to know their name, go on a few dates first, maybe even hold hands. I deserve that now. I always did.

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  6. That should switch around for me to: Bipolar: Great to live with, dead in bed!!!!! I’m so glad you tackled this subject. We are all so bloody anal (excuse the pun) about discussing sex and it is an issue with our illness. I wish I knew you IRL, you clever lady you!!

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  7. So I needed to read your blog today and wtf, you didn’t have a new post. So I found this one. And as much as I want to joke about it, well it’s an issue. And I don’t know if I’m bipolar and really it’s the one thing I’m not diagnosed with but my diagnoses seem to change by the month. Yet I’ve done crazy shit that in my right mind I would never do. So whether trauma related in a dissociated state, personality related or manic related it’s scary as fuck. And it’s been a while since I’ve done anything but I can still be on a drugstore and see some guys. I can’t call them men because really they look like trouble and that’s what makes it fun. And I get all flirty and put myself almost out there and now I stop but I swear guys are messed up and what the fuck do they see on that. Why do they always interact and play the game. And one can do this just about anywhere and just put on some makeup and clothes to match the mood and viola! A manic sex episode in the making and you can regret it for the rest of your life. And I’ve talked to my T about it 1x and it got all confusing and she was asking what goes through my mind and what lesson I learned and ughhh. I learned not to be fucking with others because yes, I’m maybe difficult to live with.

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    1. Ja mate, where this stuff is concerned, it’s definitely not bipolar-specific. Bleh, if you’re ever in that situation with your T again, maybe you should say something like, “I learned 6373 things you can do with a pineapple”.


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