this bus goes to the morgue



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35 thoughts on “this bus goes to the morgue”

      1. Somebody wrote about “50 Shades,” but they were all gray and I don’t want everything in grayscale. You can do a lot better. I’m fine with gratuitous, just not gray-tuitous. I’m bored with gray, gray is my emotional state more than 50 shades of… I mean percent of… the time. Even my purple dragon is more colorful than that. Gray sucks succubus tubes. I’m going home hoping to see some different shades. Let me know when that book cover is out, and especially if it’s your portrait.

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      2. I still LOVE this cover at the link below – please take a look-see
        I’m gonna copy it it! I’ve been showing this cover to other authors (I bought it back when it was $2.99 instead of free) at this conference to see their reactions. I’m dead-serious. See why I’m having fun?

        And I could be the model instead of that stud six-pac muffin. OR shit, maybe I should ask Marya Hornbacherhoweveryouspellhername to model. Whaddya think?

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        1. Lol… Well, sixpac looks like Robin gone horribly, horribly wrong. Horribly. Wrong. As for la Hornbacher, up to you, but she ain’t hot. I’m now trying to think of a ohhhh get Claire Forlani to do it. Mhm yes. What we’re the reactions when you showed them the masterpiece?

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    1. Sounds like 50 shades of fun, but I’m not allowed to be the low deck with anyone but the Mrs. ;-) Have pun. Flyingspaghettimonster but you all are wonderful for my mood, however temporary it may swing.


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