Can you donate eggs if you are bipolar

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This blog post has nothing to do with chickens. I’ll admit I’d never thought about this issue before I stumbled upon the article that follows. Anyway, I wondered what you guys think of the whole thing? Bear in mind that most clinics around the world have the same guidelines in place, baby2mom Egg Donation Agency is a South African one.

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2 thoughts on “Can you donate eggs if you are bipolar”

  1. Wow. If they’d barred people with Syphilis from reproducing in Ye Olden Days, Beethoven never would have existed. This is what I remind myself of every time I think about the having babies question. Anyway, my mum had borderline and my dad was a depressed alcoholic and they still had me, and I’m amazing and the world needs more people like me so there stupid mental health people. This whole “defective people shouldn’t have children” thing smacks of eugenics. Ick.

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